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If you want to spend your life wallowing in mind numbing racist, xenophobic drivel spouted by old overweight racists then this is the site for you. The negativity is unreal.

The moderators are simply *** - you will be suspended for perfectly valid comments and any attempt at humour is quickly stamped on.

There are nuggets of decent information but these are swamped by the hatred and racist bile towards thai people which the mods do absolutely nothing about so can only assume they're racist too as strangely enough outright racist comment and pure bile against Thai people and their hospitality is fine, encouraged even. Hundreds of racist comments by intellectually challenged washed up expats by the hour with an IQ of 6 year olds.

Moderation is all over the place with no consistency whatsoever. One mod will allow a comment but run into the ludicrous CharlieH or Scott and they will exercise their power trip - yet I have my doubts either can actually read or take in simple information without finding offence somewhere where none exists.

Then there's Scotts ludicrously laughable poll surveys usually aimed at spiking up the racism a little higher.

Avoid this one unless you fancy a bout of depression or your name is Tommy Robinson !

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Moderator.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Thai Visa Cons: Attitude of the moderators and administration, Denial of freedom of speech, Snowflake moderators, Obvious click bait thread.

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Never seen any racism on TV and although the moderation was terrible it has improved a lot recently, they lightened up due to lost members.

@Bernardine Pky

Then you've never been on it -- don't be ridiculous its blatant anti thai racism from start to finish !! Bans are dished out like confetti by little mini hitlers for no reason.

Go on websites like Teakdoor and you can have a real laugh and enjoy it but Thaivisa is a joyless depressing area where humour is quickly stamped on - having said that there is barely a wag on there, only old, sex pest expats complaining about anything and everything repeating the same old crap day after day after day. SERIOUSLY depressing. Its clear several moderators have their favourites and vendettas against others. Metisdead is a complete moron capable of bringing any website down on his own with his stupidity.

Would LOVE to run into him in a bar though he would probably be drinking with his mum!

I have also emailed a number of their advertisers asking them to check the audience figures TVF are feeding them as I know for a fact they are completely fabricated. Avoid this site unless you want to end up a manic depressive !!


The place is moderated by old morts and in need of new blood but doubt it will happen as the new social media will take over this old style platform and its coffin dodging jobsworth types.


The mod CharlieH is either suffering from dementia or was born to be mentally challenged.


The man is clearly not the sharpest tool in the box and most likely gets kicks from moderating through his own personal agenda. The stupid old fool recently deleted the wrong post in the news section completely missing two flames above it. The Mr Magoo of Thaivisa.


I've read Scott is Jingly which makes sense as to why he hasn't been banned The Thai Government needs to shut the site over racist comments made by these coffin Dodgers.

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