Ive never met a bigger bunch of {{Redacted}} hypocrites in once place. Moderation bias from Scott is unbelievable.

Jingthing will report you with a quickness if you dont DESIST (!!) and Scott will come along and clean his little bottom for him and you'll be banned. If you are a conservative who can write well and can give it back as good as the liberal hypocrites can, dont even bother posting there. They do not want you and Scott 100% WILL ban you. Thaivisas only real value will be Thailand specific questions about visas or where to buy stuff.

As an expat forum where expats (from all political leanings) can debate and talk in the news section? LOL They very clearly do not want anything other than liberal viewpoints in their news section. Left-wing doesnt even begin to describe it.

Nothing irritates me more than people who openly filter certain groups of people because they hate them so much, truth be damned. Im {{Redacted}} now and if I could wipe my *** with thaivisa itself, I would.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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It’s an example of desperate propaganda. Thaivisa is an extreme left wing propaganda unit consisting of marxists, people ashamed of their countries distant pasts and a few confused nutcases.

Together they will have you believe that by replacing your countries population with young male, violent 3rd worlders is the only way you can survive.

It’s genocide pure and simple. Scott needs hauling through the courts for his sick charade.


Be aware of fake posts all over the forum. These are created by fake members to keep up activity.

Its the old dead forum trick from years gone by.

My mate got refused entry to Thailand for x reason, is a good example of the often used fake post topic.

The computer section was recently caught red handed with a fake post.


There must a have been hundreds of fake accounts prior to the sale. I bet George spent 12 hours a day keeping traffic numbers up.

Meanwhile his nazi moderators were banning dozens of accounts a week hoping the Junta wouldn't shut the site down. George must still be laughing his *** off for selling the dead website.


No prizes for guessing the source of latest DIY section fake post - Questions about AC.If you really must fake post, try to cover mistakes you make in your regular AC efficiency posts .


I'm sure Naam had to weigh in with a few one liner insult posts. Hey, maybe he knew they were threads were created by Mods as click bait? No, never mind, he's just an olde {{Redacted}}.

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