Ive never met a bigger bunch of {{Redacted}} hypocrites in once place. Moderation bias from Scott is unbelievable.

Jingthing will report you with a quickness if you dont DESIST (!!) and Scott will come along and clean his little bottom for him and you'll be banned. If you are a conservative who can write well and can give it back as good as the liberal hypocrites can, dont even bother posting there. They do not want you and Scott 100% WILL ban you. Thaivisas only real value will be Thailand specific questions about visas or where to buy stuff.

As an expat forum where expats (from all political leanings) can debate and talk in the news section? LOL They very clearly do not want anything other than liberal viewpoints in their news section. Left-wing doesnt even begin to describe it.

Nothing irritates me more than people who openly filter certain groups of people because they hate them so much, truth be damned. Im {{Redacted}} now and if I could wipe my *** with thaivisa itself, I would.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Moderator.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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What's really annoying is that a lot of good guys left the forum and plenty of strangers with weird questions about their Thai wife and her family who made something that needs the attention of TVF readers. The good guys left, but the *** Mods stayed?

Why not the way around? If I'd have the chance to meet Metsidead in person, I'd rape his dog.

This message has been removed, AND WARNINGS HAVE BEEN GIVEN. You've been warned.


And the fake visa section posts keep rolling in. The owners must be getting really desperate. The site stats are getting worse with the passing of each month.


Agree. Some pathetic moderators that delete things because they simply dislike personally and then label as "troll posts" .

It is also possible Scott has a posting alias or two and when someone outwits him (easy to do) the Scott alias deletes it.

Seems someone willing to devote lots of their time to police the thaivisa forum does not have many happy and or interesting other options left in life. Not worth getting upset over but definitely could be good promotion for the make and model of his pacemaker.


Scott banned me for life simply for asking him why there were so many anti Trump threads. Moderators are not to be questioned....It's in the rules?


Dont let these old volunteer police get to you. They dont have much left in life beyond applying a personal agenda via forum control buttons.

You really have got to meet one or two of these guys to fully appreciate the sad existence. Yes they really are like something out of the old Pathe News shows.Facebook will eventually take over info for Thailand so keep making new TV accounts and have some fun while it lasts.


Sad to watch this web site draw its last few breaths by desperately trying to attract advertisers using promotion deals and inflated visitor stats.I really do not have any sympathy for whats happening to a site thats been connected with crooked activity from day one.


A recent general topic titled "Is THAIVISA going pear shaped" was quickly deleted because it spoke the truth without breaking any rules. This is no way to moderate a forum and the internet stats clearly show the wheels are beginning to fall off.


I really enjoy reading posts from members of the JSixpack Denial Club located somewhere on the beautifully paved Pattaya Soi Cow. It is so much fun watching these old dribblers fight anyone who dare criticize their sleazy crime riddled shanty town.


I don't know. I see allot of massively ignorant right wing comments.

You sure can tell who watches FOX and silly conspiracy theory sites.


Cool story.

Except for one thing, is that a bannable offense? Being openly attacked by liberals who watch Rachael Maddow like its the unequivocal truth is perfectly fine. Called every name under the sun is perfectly fine (ignorant, racist, brainwashed etc...) and accepted.

And thats ok with me.

Yet when you type out a reply thats equally insulting in return based on proven facts you get suspended or banned.

And thats the {{Redacted}} up part.

You look at the trump thread (new one) and more people want trump to finish his first term, yet the thread is literally a libtard echo chamber where jingthing is allowed to post up whatever retarded nonsense he can dream up. Scott filters people and removes posts arbitrarily when he himself doesnt approve of the source and if you ask about what the problem is he simply states that any further comments about moderation will land you "a very long suspension" - you *** what? 90% of that thread is liberal trump hate thats completely allowed. Most conservatives dont even post in there because they have learned its just asking for a suspension. The open hypocrisy really grinds my gears. And Scott is a complete ***


They should ban all the Trump supporting racist trash, would improve the forum no end.Kick those racist boxhead Saffas off too especially the one that started his own poxy forum and haunts this site 24-7


For the benefit of other readers here, and the TV mods, the *** who posted the comment above is none other than the arrogant Saffa pos who was banned from TV for being a *** and went off and started his own forum which he mods exactly the same way he complains about Scott and Metishead doing, like a Gestapo Captain.An idiot who has probably posted more anti TV comments here than anyone else


What was his TV user name?




Those bellends who post the right wing are ignorant because they get all their info from FOX, the breeding ground for *** right wing trashcans.The problem with TV is they encourage these idiots to post their stupid comments because they know it will result in a shitfight, iow lots of clicks. Possibly the worst forum on the planet.


You think CNN is any better than FOXTurn on CNN randomly for 5 minutes and then FOX for just 5 minutes.CNN is just nauseous anti trump all day and night. It just does not stop its sooo boring.


I don't see anyone here saying CNN is any better than FOX, you right wing *** simply assume anyone who is not stupid enough to view FOX must watch CNN. Bellends the lot of you.It may be a bit more than your simple caveman minds can comprehend but there are other news sources that are neither extreme left or right wing.Try using Google, it is your friend !


Well, I was just banned (again) for calling another member "Ignorant" when they were being completely ignorant and spouting totally incorrect, false information on purpose.

I was banned for 10 days for "Trolling" and all my posts were removed, yet the other ones calling me all kinds of *** were left up for all to see, and the liberal poster is still posting without a ban.

Spend an hour debating a retard liberal brit on American politics just to have all your posts removed and be banned for "Trolling" is pretty aggravating.

I wont be back there.

Ive seen several long time liberal posters openly calling for the assassination of President Trump, and several other long time posters hoping it'll happen.

And for some *** reason thats perfectly ok with the Thaivisa moderation team, but calling an ignorant person ignorant is bannable. Thaivisa really is a filthy shithouse full of nasty people, and lets be honest, liberals are the nastiest, most spiteful and openly hateful people known to humanity all the while hiding under the banner of "Tolerance".


Leave if you can't handle it, blubbering snowflake


On the subject of the fake posts attention seeking often create fake topics and follow interesting patterns. The dumb duck who is constantly having problems with his room fans I think has some problems.

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