Has anyone noticed that comments are being reported and removed? An earlier comment of mine, along with an entire thread, has been deleted.

As I wrote before, moderators on Thai Visa are generally very good. Standouts include Sheryl, UbonJoe, Crossy, Charlie, BoJangles, and many others. But Scot does not fit in. He's like an adolescent trying to be grown up; he's the junior office clerk who wants to be a supervisor; he's the guy who will never leave the substitutes' bench; he's the newspaper delivery boy who dreams of owning a faster bicycle.

Scot is also a dreadful ambassador for his "orientation" and ethnicity / cultural heritage. For the record, there's a poster on Thai Visa called JINGTHING (or JING TING) who's similar to Scot. I believe they share the same "orientation" and religion.

But while Scot is an unsuccessful boy trying to be an adult, JING THING is accomplished, mature and tolerant. He'd be much better than Scot as a moderator, and a vastly superior "emissary" for Judaism and LGBT issues.

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The irony is that Tangmo79 would be banned and have his post deleted as a flame or some such on TV. TV is neither left wing or right wing, it's just ***. They are desperate for posts so are doing a rant of the week, again if a poster did the same we know what would happen, they just want sheep not real discussion.


I have found Scott to be the most reasonable of the mods. He is stuck policing some of the more boorish and bullying threads, so the outcome sometimes is predictable. He is certainly more intelligent and fairer than the bigoted Vic or Metisdead or the suspect Rimmer.


This is getting out of hand. Why are the reviews of Thaivisa disappearing?

Comments are also being removed. What is going on?

Not content with destroying Thaivisa website the moronic mod and queen of PC Scott seems to be wrecking this review site also. Shameful.


Thaivisa world news forum under moderator Scott is a great place for you to browse.... so long as you think Christian bakers who won’t make cakes for lesbians should be put in jail, but Muslim “refugees” who believe in stoning gays, Sharia law, female-genital mutilation and honor killings should be admitted to the U.S. and put on welfare.

Which is why I no longer use that forum, it is an affront to sane minds.


Any topic relating to refugees coming into the USA you are forbidden to argue with Scott. He says he is always right and will ban or warn you if you disagree.

He makes many incorrect statements and actually thinks he is an expert lol. Maybe too many hamsters up somewhere.


He might well be an expert in hamster packing, but he knows sweet *** adams about world politics and the human condition in general.


You cannot really be critical of Islam any more on there without simple1 and 7by7 constantly reporting your posts as 'offensive' Simple one of course became a Muslim to marry one, but now claims only for 10 minutes.


Simple1 and 7by7 have long been stifling honest discussion. They must report posts because they can not debate with logic and fact their silly PC positions. Truggering snowfkakes like those 2 are about the only reason I keep registering on that forum.


You're an obviously right winger who objects to Scott because Scott is opposite. ThaiVisa is the home of right wingers so any of the few Mods who are not right wing are bad guys.

I agree with Scott that the website has from the start been the property of right wingers in exile from their home countries who welcome Thailand fascism and feudal society.

I share the view of Scott that these long term posters are repulsive people who are repugnant. Your post is further proof if anyone needed it.


If the left winger Mods are trying to dominate and push the right wingers out to, in their unilateral view, make the forum a better place, then it'll be a left wing only paradise. How's that a good thing?

If you think you can stay off the grid, think again.

They are hypersensitive, the slightest perception of insult or non-PC thought will trigger them. You will be flagged, they will be watching you very closely.

You will be persuaded to follow them on the righteous PC path with techniques such as calling you old+white+male. If that doesn't put you in your place, they'll upgrade to anti-Semetic, bigot, racist, homophobe, Islamaphobe, Mexican Immigrantphobe, and a suspension will ensue.

They have spies too.

If you require further evidence, login to TVF right now and call Jingaling a Snow Flake. Watch which Mod shows up, and what happens next.


The rightwing has owned, dominated and controlled TVForums since they were founded more than ten years ago. Too many rightwingnuts among 'em. That's been changed during the past couple of years. The worst of the right whinge nuts are being called to task over their radical and anti-social extremism. We see the language and the attitudes of the extremist lunar right at nearly every recently new topic thread here. Good for Pissed Consumer.com>

Yes thread after thread and post after post here recently are by many of the right who carry on whinging, *** and griping, in the worst terms of social derelicts that les deplorables so naturally spout. Reading the posts here is identical to reading the rightwhingers at TV Forums, except the attacks here by the right are against the TVF movement away from the long term rightwing dominance and control of the Forums. The days are gone of the fahlang right being esconced at the forums to dominate and control them, literally and otherwise, as their own private ole boyz countyry club online. Gone, those many years of it. There's balance now and it was a long time in coming. A balance at TV has arrived only after a lot of sustained effort. If "Jew *** have done it then good for them. It is of course much more than any such vile characterization as people of a moderate temperament know.

The new corporate ownership advanced Scott to Admin while Metisadick was passed over for it, so youse over there on the sorehead fringe right need to talk to the new corporate ownership. Corporate ownership is, as a rule, superior to the ownership of one single idiosyncratic individual which is what it was under the now gone founding owner George. Youse who know George and have known George over many years need to recognize he sold out TV.com with no regard for youse who carried him for ten-plus years as he made a small fortune off all of youse and every one of you.

In an honorable contrast, there's no blood money to be made in moving TVF back toward the center from the far out lunar orbiting racist right. There might be an upside to it in TVF attracting respectable corporate advertising instead of the usual petty advertisers and their absence of any corporate respectability or social responsibility.

The times they're a-changed. The proof is in how the right are sucking wind these dayze.


I agree. Jingthing hasn't the balls to let anyone know who he is or where he is.

I think in reality, he is doing Scott.

Oh yeah, if you want me Scott, enjoy the flight...............


Rimmer and Metisdead are both as bad and seemingly a law unto themselves.


They have some kind of relationship since they have a couple things in common but I'm sure jingle constantly tattletales on many posters to Scot, it is very obvious. They are both super thinned shin but want to dish it out way more they can take it. But they both are not getting much anyways that is why they live on a forum.


Fair enough, but I've always had some respect for JingThing (or Jing Ting). One more than one occasion he's shown a degree of sympathy for Muslim / Islamic issues.

He's mature, too, and has a sense of humor.

Scott, by comparison, is a pathetic excuse for an adult.


I would say many of his posts are extremely immature and childish. He is probably the most blocked poster. Scott is worse.


Just looked at Thaivisa for the first time in a few weeks. They have a thread running called "Israel moves to mute mosques' call to prayer over loudspeakers".

Scott makes the following observation: "I spent years in the ME and a year in Bosnia.

In the ME the Mosques were a ways away, so it was audible, but not particularly loud. The early morning one woke me for about a week and after that I was able to sleep through it. In Bosnia I was close to a Mosque, so it was loud. It took me about 2 weeks to get used to the early morning call to prayer, and after that I sort of woke, but fell right back to sleep".

Scott is actually right.

Few people in that thread have pointed out that getting used to the Call to Prayer takes very little time, and the CTP is far from intrusive.

So maybe Scott's improving!!!???


I agree with FAB and Scott by proxy. Many years in the ME, same experience. Bit like living near a train track or flight path, after a while, you just don't notice it much.


Fab. From both of your comments you are probably one of them!!!


Yep, I'm actually Scottie in disguise, and at night I dress up like Jing Thing and go prowling boy bars!

Scott banned my account a couple of months back. I'm cool with that.

It's silly being petty-minded about these things. ThaiVisa is only a downmarket forum.

If you manage forums you'll know that mods are just lackeys.

They're little wannabes. ThaiVisa is different in that most mods are quite good, but they do have this bizarre habit of taking on complete tossers who're next to useless.

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