I joined ThaiVisa a couple of weeks ago and wish to say I love it. Ignore all the critics! It's a fantastic site. I use it everyday.

Perhaps you've seen Moderator Scott being criticized for his overt bias. Maybe you've seen him berated for his undisguised hatred and self-loathing. I disagree. I think he's a great guy. I picture him as a tall, masculine WASP from the East Coast. What a man! I'd love to meet him.

I also adore JT. It's just so cool that he chose to retire in Thailand's hub of culture! What a great guy. He's just so straight.

Overall, moderation of ThaiVisa is exemplary. I happily recommend this forum.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Absolutely! He came over to my house last week, awesome bloke! I offered my wife to him for an hour but he declined, said he didn't like females under the age of 12.


Yeah, Metisaded is a good guy. He told me in a PM he won't go with girls aged 13 or under.

He's got standards!He's also very tolerant. When I told him about my Cambodian girlfriend (aged 11), his reply was "what color panties does she wear?" Metisdead is a solid bloke.


He said "females under the age of 12", so I corrected him, saying females no older than 12. He replied, "Yes, that's what I meant".


I'm afraid your wife would remain unsatisfied as Metisdead is *** - ask Jingthing !!

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