I joined ThaiVisa a couple of weeks ago and wish to say I love it. Ignore all the critics! It's a fantastic site. I use it everyday.

Perhaps you've seen Moderator Scott being criticized for his overt bias. Maybe you've seen him berated for his undisguised hatred and self-loathing. I disagree. I think he's a great guy. I picture him as a tall, masculine WASP from the East Coast. What a man! I'd love to meet him.

I also adore JT. It's just so cool that he chose to retire in Thailand's hub of culture! What a great guy. He's just so straight.

Overall, moderation of ThaiVisa is exemplary. I happily recommend this forum.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Passports And Visas Forum.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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I appreciate the sarcasm !


Bend over says Charlie H


LOL . OP post is pure sarcasm berating TVF.


Posted by forums moderators


Sam. You're not the brightest bulb in the box.


WANTED - Part time post bumpers and fake post writers. Apply Thaivisa dot com


I am 37 years dual French and Thai citizen who join Thaivisa year 2014 to find rejection because my age too young and I think because I support thailand too much in my thinking. Many old men with a poor education past now fill thaivisa with garbage writing from bored life and are now very nasty people. I think the thaivisa internet site has poor future as old expat men die and next generation have no interest in this kind of forum media.


Nobody cared then or now.


Thai/French! poor sod, what a terrible combination! And I am sorry about your conflicts with your dad.


Hilarious, French and Thai! how can you expect to survive in a WASP forum????


Thaivisa is kept alive with click bait fake posts and fools are replying to them. What a terrible situation where are people trying to help with fake questions jeez.


I know, right! The Libtards there are every bit as bad or worse than Trump.

They are the deplorables and they realize that is becoming evident now, as it always will in time, so they're turning up the volume in their last gasps of desperation before they vanish into obscurity like the Weathermen. After all, they are nothing but a bunch of side show freaks labouring under a false presumption of acceptance after Obama's last couple of years where he pandered to them. Hilarious, they fell for that.They are *** rangers, ex-hippie burn outs, gender confused virtue signalers and pathetic, self absorbed overweight keyboard warriors. Some might even have fantasies they are reliving the 60s, while they suck off their government's tit in an obscure shtiehole run by a military dictatorship, surrounded by communists.

And that makes them experts on democracy and how to run the country they left so many years before? Many are brit and other euro tossers with no mates living in the back of beyond, so they aren't worth 2 pence listening to in the first place. The few yanks haven't been in the US for decades and couldn't afford the cost of a plane ticket there as it is. Pathetic losers, the lot of them, yet they act like they know something and we should all listen.

They've lost the plot. Delusional.

Self absorbed and clearly are projecting when they flame Trump. LMAO!


Attention bored old expats -- Thaivisa welcomes your daily drivel, attention seeking fake posts, made up stories and Googled answers.


The quality members left long ago now there is just a cycle of HAKAPALITA type trolls with nothing to offer.


Must be time for yet another click bait survey. Well done to the owners of this site,Bored with life in essarn cant hit the keyboard fast enough to generate more traffic, utterly brilliant concept, wish I had thought of it.


Well BKBob was true to his word. Photo of the jingyting has hit google plus


Really? Can't find using obvious search words.


Him real man not same cheap Charlie always boxing him.


You took the words right out of my mouth. Couldn't agree more, mate.


Just came across another cool moderator called Metisdead. Man, is that dude awesome or what?

His sense of humor kills me. He's like, well, just brimming with personality. I'm gonna try and make friends with him.

I'd love to introduce him to my wife. What a bro!

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