While there are a few good tips regarding visa's it is the same stuff posted over and over again. They don't put this in any easy format to search because then people who have no interest in reading what the old timers sitting on the site 24/7 complaining about Thais and Thailand have to say.

They want negative views of Thailand because it attracts readers and members. This is the easiest group to go after ...

miserable people with no life and unable to be happy in a wonderful country.

There are so many other sites and forums regarding Thailand, I urge you not to promote this site. Try some of the other sites like teakdoor.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Forum.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Location: Bangkok, Krung Thep

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most of them are low life pensioners from the U.K., miserable slobs not worthy of getting any decent woman in England, drunkards and dark skin *** mongers


Dark skin, eh?

Pot kettle black, mate. You sound like a tozzer yourself, just like them.


I wonder who would want to advertise on Thaivisa.com when the members are all miserable people who seem to only participate in the lowest levels of society.


What. Opposed to you here on this Hi-So moaning website?

555! You're right up there with Nigel^ who is soooo Thai, he even thinks Thais with dark skin are worthy of being looked down on.

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