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I got a permanent bad point ? That stays on my record and banned for 10 days by some libtard called Scott.

All I did was give a true story mine about how immigration had affected my town, and although some *** libtard jinglin I think he was called insulted Trump and his supporters I was banned for saying Trump was doing good for the economy.

Double ban aparantly, Antway couldn't care less as I have onion so just re joined to troll them.

Seems like Scott and another Libtard called Met is Dead? Are really fans of the left as both banned my stuff but not the libtards insulting me.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Thai Visa Pros: Insulting lib tards.

Thai Visa Cons: Getting banned.

Location: 420 -191 SOI 15, Soi Buakhao, เมืองพัทยา อำเภอ บางละมุง ชลบุรี 20150, Thailand

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There is no link. There is no Noddy.

There is no there, there. Get it into your skulls, you bloody idiots: Jingthing does not exist. Jingthing is the alter-ego of Scott, The Cowardly Moderator. Jingthing is everything Scott ever wanted to be but couldn't, because he needed to be presentable and likeable to others so he could get and keep a job, and do food reviews without being kicked out of Pattaya restaurants on site.

FFS, you lot are slow on the uptake. You're welcome.

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