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I got a permanent bad point ? That stays on my record and banned for 10 days by some libtard called Scott.

All I did was give a true story mine about how immigration had affected my town, and although some *** libtard jinglin I think he was called insulted Trump and his supporters I was banned for saying Trump was doing good for the economy.

Double ban aparantly, Antway couldn't care less as I have onion so just re joined to troll them.

Seems like Scott and another Libtard called Met is Dead? Are really fans of the left as both banned my stuff but not the libtards insulting me.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Thai Visa Pros: Insulting lib tards.

Thai Visa Cons: Getting banned.

Location: 420 -191 SOI 15, Soi Buakhao, เมืองพัทยา อำเภอ บางละมุง ชลบุรี 20150, Thailand

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Libtard? I’ve noticed only *** use that term.


This dipstick who cannot make a comment without using the term 'libtard' is the racist Saffa ah who goes by the name Southpeel, now a mod at the Big Mango. He trolls this site constantly, just look for that word libtard, that's SP !


Who can it be now?


Is that you mick?


Same here with them I got a perminent van jeez they are idiots. Then they wonder why people get angry!


Scott banned me for criticising *** marriage he is unfair as there are always counter arguments and not everyone supports it


I got banned for making my screen name Muller for Trump How dare they! It was someone called Met is dead?

I rejoined then some Libtard called Scott then banned me for supporting Trump. Encourage your friends to join and irritate the Scott and Met is Dead.


I am not a libtard that is disgusting we need to clean up the site so me and Scott together will do this. If you suport Trump it Brexit YOU WILL NOT BE TOLLERATED and wim be accused of trolling. Be clear condemnation of buggery and anything to do with GAYS including *** marriage you will be BANNED


Ha ha, that was awesome. You even did the YOU WILL NOT in capital letters just like he does.

That is hilarious.

He's hilarious. I think he takes himself seriously but I also heard he's not a real person in real life.


Billy G Went on there years ago was same then simply biased. I am surprised that the Nation allows so much left wing dribble I bet as they don’t delve down that they think that’s the expat view.

Disgusting the libtards are giving the rest of us a bad name. I got banned by Met is Dead and Scott who I suspect still live at home and have neither seen the outside world of their bedrooms


Just what on earth visitors to the TVF world news section must think? Thailand has been invaded by brain dead children with the naivete of a 5 day old bunny rabbit?

For crying out loud, nowhere on the internet other than this forum does a unanimous view hold that only open borders and replacing native populations with inbred desert rats is the route to a successful future. Grow the heck up, and change ALL moderators.

They failed. ***


That failed but the Libtards still try. The sad thing is if they had a sustainable argument they would debate it but they don’t as scared. Any way ban over for now until I praise the Great Donald or suggest we close the borders or send criminals back to their own countries


Hey, Pissed Consumer Mods ! If you check the IP addresses of all the comments on these threads you will find most of them come from the same place, a bitter and twisted Saffa who never got over being banned from TVF for being a racist pos


Just go to Noddys jingathing Facebook page and poke fun at the photos of the old slob . Theres also some photo shopped pix of old TV meets hacked from some place


Can you post a link so we can all enjoy the fun. Ty


Yes and I understand many people are joining TVF and leaving plenty of comment for that Jing Thing thing and his boyfriend Scott. I wonder which is the giver and which is the taker I guess Scott takes? Anyway we need to fight for free speech and defeat the libtarded elite.


Yes please do and any information of Scott we have loads on Jing thing. Any information most welcome.


Where can we find this info ?


If you have Jing thing you have Scott both the same!


Can you post the link we can’t find it?

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