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Its been over a week and the thaivisa forum continues to have serious technical difficulties. As usual the owners are not providing proper feedback about the situation which clearly shows they do not care about the people who create the site content.

After six years on the thaivisa forum I have decided to end my contribution to this forum. I suggest anyone who regularly provides useful information to the forum do the same and stop ungrateful arrogant owners from leaching off your content. I really wish the old site Teakdoor would clean and brighten up its appearance to Web 2.0 and start taking thaivisa down.

Really do hope this latest wave of technical problems is the beginning of the end for the thaivisa forum. Sorry but some of us have had just about enough from this amateur show.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Thai Visa Cons: Poor admin.

Location: Ko Chang Tai, Trat

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How sad the POTY elect, a sad man who spends all day dissing Thais and all things Thailand, bitter and twisted old man freeloading off the backs of the hard working taxpayer, he really has no shame. The sooner these old sly geezer types are shown the (teak) door the better.


more than 2 weeks site is slow me think owner making no money and not care to hurry with problem. hope soon some new people take over who not greedy


Why you worry, not your problem.


Thats enough beyond a joke time to fix site just logged out for the last time no more posts from me to help make these idiot owners click cash hope someone not pig greedy takes site name soon


Just joined teak door and another forum. stuff thaivisa the site has been slow for 3 weeks they are taking the ***


WHO are YOU promoting Teak door! This will NOT be TOLERATED any longer!

Those peeps over there call me BBQ and have me in their yearly DEATH POOL! You must give TVF at least 4 more weeks to work out their issues I’m ( I mean Scott) is working on it night AND day.


Get your sausage out of his mouth and it might get fixed a faster


The new owners of thaivisa are not making decent revenue and relying on third party click cash which is reduced by people using ad blockers. LOL, pig headed new owners have no idea how to operate this site under the current climate and should sell the domain and cut losses. If the site were making money, technical problems would be fixed very quickly.


The owners of this site are doing a great job, keeping all the old sly geezer types in one forum, the owners should be thanked for doing a great service to the rest of the vlogger community, old incontinent blue pill poppers who cannot handle anything more than a dial up modem, Thailand moves onwards and upwards, not to worry they will soon be gone, good guys in bad guys out, how are those embassy letters going?


HA HA HA HA Thaivisa and Adblockers Running any business costs money and needs a revenue stream in order to operate, without this money the business will close. Thaivisa is no exception to this rule and costs money to operate.

Our primary revenue stream is from banner revenue, without this we cannot afford to provide you with the service you want. It is no different from a cafe expecting you to pay for a cup of tea, in fact you would not even think about using a service or shop anywhere else without paying, in our case the banner advertisers pay for you - so it's an even better outcome for you! Anyone that uses an adblocker deprives a business of revenue that they need in order to operate. As such with immediate effect we will be implementing a count down for users with adblocker, meaning they will have to wait 10 seconds before reading the content they want to read.

If you do use an adblocker, we would recommend you turn off your adblocker in order for normal service to be resumed. You may also select Thaivisa as an exception to your adblocker. Help us run a business you can count on, every day 24 hours a day by allowing us to operate commercially, turn off your adblocker.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter. Thaivisa management.


Almost two weeks and the technical problems continue Speaks volumes about the people who operate thaivisa forums I agree with comment about teak door forums need to chance into clean white format and leave thaivisa to deadheads


Amateur tech support and amateur moderation. Idiots like scott and charlieh running round like little fascists without even understanding the forum rules. - just pushing their own political agendas.


Bottom line folks. If thaivisa displayed the following at the foot of it pages there would be no technical difficulties. "Powered by Invision Community" Yep its that simple.


I stopped contributing also and now read only with essential ad blocking turned on. Facebook has some good places for latest visa info with less idiots hiding behind keyboard. Teakdoor site could be much better if it changed from its old style colors to a nice clean modern white.


Yes it’s been horrible lately ( and many times in the past) you would think they would make some type of announcement or explanation. Those old geezers up in the middle of no where probably think it’s them.

The whole site is tired. The same lunatic poster is still being let loose and must turn off new posters and old ones daily. The best to do is what you said. DON’T CONTRIBUTE!

At least take a brake now when it’s so hard to even go from page to page on this antiquated forum. Or better yet just quit! Moderation is bad. Jingthing is a complete moron and TVF has had its time.

Send messages to Teak Door to pick up the slack! They will benefit by improving to.

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