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Its been over a week and the thaivisa forum continues to have serious technical difficulties. As usual the owners are not providing proper feedback about the situation which clearly shows they do not care about the people who create the site content.

After six years on the thaivisa forum I have decided to end my contribution to this forum. I suggest anyone who regularly provides useful information to the forum do the same and stop ungrateful arrogant owners from leaching off your content. I really wish the old site Teakdoor would clean and brighten up its appearance to Web 2.0 and start taking thaivisa down.

Really do hope this latest wave of technical problems is the beginning of the end for the thaivisa forum. Sorry but some of us have had just about enough from this amateur show.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Thai Visa Cons: Poor admin.

Location: Ko Chang Tai, Trat

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The thaivisa forums site lost the plot long ago now it has a so called Thai female named Yinn (The old Farang with Thai GF backup trick) heading into poster of the year. The perfect end to a failing exapts forum.

Would not be surprised if the desperate owners had not created the drama in a desperate attempt to attract more clicks. Sad forum loaded with sad people


A little bird told me, the diamond geezers on a facebook group have already decided the outcome of the Pensioner of The Year award. Plenty of voters waiting to cast their votes, not just yet.


So who is the winner?


Took one look at the latest POTY forums and decided to end posting at my 11 year old account. The whole place is now a silly joke.

Theres enough garbage posted these days without adding a idiot Thai to the mix.

Thats of course if its real which I very much doubt. Will continue reading the visa section with ad blocker at max until the place dies.


You won't be missed then if you are too dumb to recognize a Thai or not


what makes you think Yinn has a falang bf? and why do you imply a Thai woman is not capable of posting her own thoughts in English?

She has ran rings around some of the old fools on there for months who have nothing better to do than moan about Thailand, driving, immigration, soi dogs, the heat, the pollution etc they never stop. At least she does not moan or attack anyone, hope she wins but who would really want to on that sad old site full of sexpats, *** teachers and retired failures?

@Sueann Afw

Sheryl I admire your support for a fellow girl but maybe you should say it's time to call time on the toxic cesspit of clickbait spam.


More poor moderation. Brain dead CharlieH strikes again and deletes another Thai related post he claims is not Thai related.

The post was quite informative and titled "Royal Mail package destroyed in transit to Thailand".

Thaivisa really must put this old man CharlieH out to pasture. Old people who think they can cope are dangerous.


Warning! Be sure to have spyware protection and ad-blocking apps in place before browsing the Thaivisa forums.

The site is infested with intrusive advertising and trackers. Because of its questionable history and poor track record, Thaivisa can no longer generate sufficient revenue from local businesses and now relies on third-party advertising systems stuffed between inside content and down sidebars.


You only need to look at the news article paragraph layout to see amateurs are creating the content. Child like sentences with double paragraph spacing.


Once again the arrogant owners and moderators have again failed to address people's concerns over intrusive ads that interfere with the posting system. Thaivisa is now a horrible place loaded with distorted Thai news cobbled together by illiterate amateurs. I stopped posting at this toxic forum long ago and advise anyone with any principles to do the same.


Frequented by bickering dumb old sex-pats owned by spivs moderated by not the sharpest tools in the shed not changed much since the visa cheating forum and it crooked owner started the site good news its going down


They kind of half fixed the slow loading and added a new feature where post times and info are completely out of sync with the front page. Well done TV tech Muppet.


Now over one month and site is still waiting for a fix. Amazing how people continue to provide click content for the crooks who own this site.


I am thinking of starting a group on Facebook exposing the *** moderators on Thai visa but I need to add at least one friend to get started. Anyone interested send me an sms to john ibis on FB and let's out these *** lo


Scott Star Member Scott Admin 13,852 44,882 posts Location:Bangkok/USA Posted 17 hours ago 17 hours ago, janclaes47 said: Yes looks as if the Junta can learn something from TV for their election Or you can read the thread. It was mentioned and the poll was bumped several times.

Just saw this comment from Scott. Now the employees are threatening the customers. Not good business model!!! Was there anything else you wanted to *** about?

I'd think about it carefully before answering. Like 3


janclaes47 is a French *** and not the sharpest tool in the box. Plus plus to Scott on this one.


This forum now dead same same thailand dead for people from west boiler room boy forum losing money fast


Thaivisa is home for the old Thai expat. The writings on the wall - - - - tick tock . One more POTY - - - maybe :)


And he wont be around much longer. Sad facts are that when you become disabled.....or crippled as we used to call it ....is that any relationship generally lasts 5 to 7 years post injury. Old mate may talk about his wonderful wife...but he's not *** her now and you can guarantee someone will be soon.Bye bye Col.

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