I posted in the visa forum about my problems getting an extension for my Education Visa. I was happy that Ubonjoe gave me some advice on what to do because I had heard he had a good reputation.

Well, that good reputation is deserved -- NOT! I want to Thai Immigration with all the forms Joe had told me to take, properly filled out, and told him what Ubonjoe had said to tell him. The officer glared at me and said wait here which I did. Then he came back with someone who looked more senior and he spoke good English. He proceeded to give me a major league tongue lashing and told me if I ever tried this stunt again, he would see to it I went to jail!

I apologized profusely in both Thai and English. I said I was sorry and it wouldn't happen again. It better not the guy said. I got out of there before he changed his mind. I was so scared to go back, I went to a Visa agent who got my extension.

Ubonjoe, worthless advice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Moderator.

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Only two ED related threads in the past couple of weeks. Looked through them both, do not see any posts by UbonJoe that fit this complaint.

UbonJoe is typically up to speed on Immigration issues and procedures, and I've never seen him give screwy advice to try on at Immigration.

Not defending him. I don't know him personally but from several years observing/reading his posts and advice, your vague complaint sticks out like a sore thumb.


I'd agree with you, in that he can be helpful on immigration matters. However one can get more comprehensive and structured info on Pattayaddicts.

I followed their guidelines, and between my clever wife and friendly immigration officers and had everything that was needed.

No need to sift through the thousand of posts that make up the TV dump. Where UJ is and absolute orifice is in it moderation style; when he takes a dislike of you your posts will tend to disappear without any justification being given...


A collection of not so smart sexpats bickering over the daily dose of click bait while waiting for god. Its an amusing read with the morning coffee before heading off to work.


Thaivisa is w-ankers paradise


Really, Tosh? How would you know, mate?


The same thing happened to me but they didn't threaten me with jail. Ubonjoe must go!


What a load of bs !


I've seen some lame attempts at trashing Thaivisa, but this is probably the lamest.


Most of these stupid complaints come from one troll, ex TVF poster Southpeel, who was banned years ago for being an a/h, started another forum which he mods like a little Saffa Hitler and floods this site with bs complaints about Scott and Metishead.


No detail made up story - classic TV poster with brains in feet.

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