It is plainly obvious that TVF is allowing anti-government propaganda, generated by boiler-rooms, to be published on their site.

Some members only post on political topics and always attack the military junta. They never post on any other topics. Ever.

This is a classic example, posted by a spammer who goes by the name "tbthailand", who posted this comment at 5.23am this morning (he must sit up all night reading the forum waiting for these government related topics to be posted) he was the very first person to comment on the topic, "Democrat party to scrutinize charter draft carefully before deciding to accept it or not"

"what a dog and pony show by the Dems.

They were complicit in the coup, and now they pretend that they will "study" this new turd. I guess they had better keep their study-groups to 4 or fewer people... whistling.gif

And before they make a statement on the newest revision of the turd, they should check out this...

Anti-referendum offences can lead to 10 years in jail.

Article 62 states “anyone who publishes text, images or sound, through either newspaper, radio, television, electronic media or other channels, that is either untruthful, harsh, offensive, rude, inciting or threatening, with the intention that voters will either not exercise their right to vote, or vote in a certain way, or not vote, will be considered as a person creating confusion so that the vote will not proceed properly.” The penalty is a jail term of up to 10 years and a fine of up to 200,000 baht.

And if that is not clear enough, then the Dems might want to consider this:

‘Attitude adjustment’ to be made as course

The Thai junta proposed a plan to make an attitude adjustment session into a special course for politicians while the junta leader said that politicians who do not understand the regime should not be politicians."


tbthailand might want to consider this: All your anti government spam is being forwarded to the Thai government with links to the forum pages you are posting on.

Reason of review: TVF spammers.

Thai Visa Cons: Tvf mods, Tvf spammers.

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You disagree and declare that it's a plot. Seriously, get a grip or seek psychological counseling.


I disagree ? Of what, a supposedly impartial forum being used to defame one side and support the other ? Of course I disagree, who wouldn't unless you are one of the mods or boiler-room trolls.

Are you one of the mods, or do you work for the red propaganda team ?

And the word plot was never mentioned, that was your description, not mine.


tbthailand, the infamous paid-to-post boiler-room troll is still at it, only posting on topics that are to do with the current government.

Only topics he ever posts on, and they are all negative and abusive comments.

Proof that TVF allows posters like this, even troll it is against forum rules. Simply because his comments attract clicks from posters who are NOT boiler-room trolls.

This is from a topic on the 7th of May, "NCPO spokesman insists the junta always respects human rights"

tbthailand posted - "the world of 1984 run by ***

I guess we are fortunate that they are, at least, *** This is despite there being a forum rule regarding insulting the government. Blatant anti government propaganda straight from a boiler-room. His posts have been reported to the government department that deals with this sort of thing.


why are posts critical of Thai Visa and it's sycophantic geriatrics getting removed?


Why ? Because you are not allowed to criticize or question the mods in any way, shape or form.

As far as it's old geezers goes you are not allowed to criticize their pets, the ones that start anti Thai topics and generate clicks. The garbage can of forums.


tbthailand should be very worried !


tbthailand is a *** boiler-room troll who has been reported to the Thai Feds. I know this is fact because I reported him many times and I have been contacted by the Government saying they are going to take action.

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