Thank you so much for your warning etc, i've gotten bored with ThaiVisa and was looking for closure, i don't know who you are but i know more than you and if you intend to sanitize the forum by your ignorance so be it, i no longer wish to participate but i can't delete my information, i will just have to BLOCK your website, it's sad the way the forum is going, i want no part of it. The moderators seem to be in a ''boys only club'' it's fairly easy to spot the gang, one thing that intrigued me was how someone would reply to a post with a sensible, logical answer and get a few ''likes'' where another person would reply right at the start with only 5 meaningless words and get 25 ''likes'', i couldn't understand it but after reading many posts here, the penny drops it all makes sense now,, no more Thai Visa for me, but i can't delete my info, that sucks.

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Have not been here for ages and just dropped in for a look. Noticed there has not been much traffic here lately, that's because that foul forum is a basket case and nobody cares about it any more.

Except the odd troll/mod who clicks on here now and again to defend that rat's nest. Hope it dies a slow, painful death lol lo lo !!!


The tag "Kiddy Fiddler" was a jibe at a certain mod, nothing to do with the poster I would imagine, but any tvf mod would have known that.

Any person that comes on this forum is either here to lodge complaints about thaivisa, or by the looks of it to attack anyone who dares to complain. When you think about it that is quite funny, this is where people who are pissed off with something or someone air their views and there are dropkicks on here attacking them !

There are a lot of comments on these pages that have tvf mod written all over them. They stick out like dogs' balls lol.


Oh dear. You need "closure"?

That's pathetic. It's a website.



Big Mango is defo refreshing and some decent folks on there from TVF, the only nut case is Sentrix who is also Shado, some chick from ajarn with a real chip on her shoulder and a bully, get rid of her and the site will really ***, the folks are decent and actually know what they are talking about.

As for TVF they'll get blocked at some point for their Thai bashing and click bait.


How do you know she's a chick, could be a bloke in a dress and heels for all you know. As for your other remarks, sounds like you are a delicate little petunia, one man's nutjob bully with a chip on his/her shoulder could be another man's spicy, no bs poster.

Viva le Big Mango!


^ Hi Jeff what are you doing over here did the td ban you again for trolling lol


Mods save their trolling for PMs where they can hide it -- and at this domain where they remain unmistakably identifiable as mod trolls. Being a Mod is a promotion for having been an ordinary troll poster of a long standing.

As Mods they let their fellow nasty right wingers do the public trolling in the posts that the McNasties make regularly and consistently without limit. As virtually everyone knows, Metisadufus is Number One.

He also likes to threaten in private messages to posters he personally does not like. A weasel for all seasons he is.


The real laugh is that the site was created by a crook who was involved in all sorts of scams, of which all the moderators would be fully aware of good old "George's deeds, as would most of the long term posters there.

In other words they were condoning criminal activities in their support of the forum, but are the first to jump up and down about Thai's who do the same thing.

The day Thai visa and its poisonous and bigoted anti thai atmosphere gets closed down the better, however I doubt this can happen, as their servers are not in Thailand, so will not fall under any Thai Laws.

They may get censored like certain media outlets, but that would be a start.


Creat by a crook operated by kiddly fiddlers and a jewish cabal


Seems like only the better class of forum users are either willfully leaving or being banned or hounded out of that most horrible trash heap.

Cannot believe they are still allowed to exist in Thailand, thought for sure the govt would have put a stop to them before now, what with all the horrible comments posted there rubbishing the Thai people. Some of the insults thrown at Buddhism are absolutely disgusting.

The Teak Door forum has some very good forum threads, good helpful advice given by long time resident plus they have a very good moderation team. A lot of ex-TVF signing up over at TD.


All the real plonkers have migrated to Big Mango forum. You should check it out.


*** has a Thai Visa mod smell about him. And those people who went to the Big Mango have more class in their little toe nails than the entire TV forum combined, mods and lowlife troll members and all lol


I take it you are one of the Big Mango rejects then. LOL.


The Big Mango does not have 50 pages of complaints about it on a site like this one. The Big Mango has good mods who are actually human and who do not have a long list of criminal offences between them.

And they don't allow trolls and red supporters to infest their site, almost encouraging them to post their trash to generate clicks, while the TV mods ban people who attack these trolls. I bet the BM are not being reported to the Thai govt on a daily basis either.

It is not the only forum that is picking up Thai Visa rejects, The Teak Door is full of them as well.

TVF is a shitehouse forum run by ***. End of story.


Seems as the "new improved" TV forum is off line many hours in day after the upgrade, (they must have employed some walter mitty IT guy) the owners appear to have sent some of the mods on a mission to reply to some of the complaints on this website....there neo nazi posting style is very evident in some of these responses...wonder if its Jeffery or Alan who is posting on here, my guess its Alan


LOL. You guys are hilarious.

Mod boogey men around every corner.

Here's a thought. Maybe the dysfunctional person in your relationship (or, er, ex-relationship) with TVF is......


I doubt that possibility ever crossed your mind. It's always somebody else's fault in this cruel, unfair world out to get you, eh?


Only The Shadow knows.... laugh ensues>


You sound like a bitter twisted person.Someone tread on your tors did they. Tissues are on special at your local Tesco Lotus this week.


It seems in the last week or so its the mods trolling themselves via their multiple user accounts in order to stir up clicks, the place is dead, very few "members" actually posting


Yes. JJGreen has been creating many daft posts, like why don't Thais wear sunglasses.

JingThing started one about online ***. Earlier, Scott ran a poll about marijuana.

Mod Craig has been posting heavily under his normal "Craig" account but when somebody says something he doesn't like, he logs in as Moderator01 to give them a warning, then switches back to his Craig account.

Meanwhile, the forum "upgrade" drags on and on.

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