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Thaivisa is just and advertising website that should be closed for so many reasons.

This forum is only online to make you click and owners make money by cheating Thailand and the Thai government.

All moderators also work without work permit.

There is also no freedom of speech !

Please Thai government close Thai Visa forum in Thailand.

Be careful, never use this scam website that is Thaivisa forum.

If you need information about Thailand you will find so many better websites and forum that publish real information and not only advertising.

Reason of review: cheated by an advertising on this forum.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Thai Visa Cons: Thaivisa scam website forum.

Location: New York, New York

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Rub by its little "Clique" of moderators, its just there to make money, its got no balls and kow tows to what its told to do. Lets see all the moderators work permits then??


It has gotten worse, the Thailand bashing has increased, stories are cherry picked more than ever to increase Thai bashing clicks, I think the new owners have been conned by Lars ( George), I remember when he had the dodgy Visa business in Bkk years ago, done alright for himself in the end.

As for the new owners, I think they bought a sinking ship, the Thai bashing can only go on for so long before they are banned on Thai servers, but without the Thai bashing 95% of the posts wouldn't exist, I hope they get banned.


Thaivisa along with inspire Pattaya is now owned by a crowd called Choice Group Asia who appear to be connected to dodgy Property developers/estate agents in Pattaya...so guess dont need to add much more LOL


Dodgy? Exactly how, mate?

What personal experience do you have to share with us.

My guess is you is some old bloke who ain't got two shillings to rub together in the first place. What you know about real estate, hey?


The fact you use the term shillings indicates your some old bloke trapped in a time warp on a UK state pension, one cheque away from joining the Thai balcony diving club


Errm, no, I'm not. Not even close on any of the simpleton's talking points from the *** Backpacker's Thailand handbook.

Got anything more original?

In any case, what have you got against old blokes?

Any others on that list of yours? Come on then, let 'er rip, old bean.


Almost every comment posted on that evil site breaks the laws of Thailand.

It should have been shut down years ago. The new owners won't be happy if it is banned in Thailand lol.


Wow, really? "Almost every comment breaks a Thai law"?

I know you think you are helping by being an Thaier Than You unpaid apple polishing sycophant, but mate, you've actually pointed out how screwed up Thailand is.

Me thinks the Tourism Minister ought to have YOU deported ASAP for revealing uncomfortable truths on the internet, causing damage to Thailand's reputation and tourism sector.

You might want to think before you speak/type next time else it'll be you in the Bangkok Hilton, m8.


Wow! Really?

"Almost EVERY comment" breaks a Thai law?

I know you think you are being a helpful, Thai'er Than You apple polishing sycophant but mate, you've actually pointed out an uncomfortable, unflattering truth about Thailand.

One the Junta and various Ministers wouldn't be happy with you about.

You better think before you speak/type else wind up in the Bangkok Hilton yourself, mate.

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