Thai Visa Forums is extremely helpful for anyone wanting information on visas but you have to run their adverts which totally ruin the site. If you use an ad blocker, you are subjected to "Brooksies" music at full blast.

Its is almost as if they do not want anyone visiting their site. Why anyone would want to visit except for the visa information is a puzzle as it is full of Left Wing Anti Trump, pro Liberal threads and anyone holding a different view is quickly banned by Scott, the self proclaimed authority on who can and cannot post on the forum.

It's the Teak Door from now on. It may not have the same foot fall but it is a sane site.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Media Forum.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Its been a quite a while since my last visit and thaivisa appears to have lost a lot of regular posters with some topics dead for days. I see the worm Jingthing continues to bait then have undesirable answers removed by his bed buddy and the super troll post inventor rimm boy is still pasting his off topic troll message.

I guess the die hard grumps like sixpack are in there somewhere bullying and trying to convince the world that Pattaya is a first class resort busting at the seams with visitors.


An off topic troll post has been removed. No next warning, there'll be suspensions. *** your own ***


Brooksy rocks.


The site is slowly dying and most of its content is provided by bitter old expats with too much time on their hands. The owners and admins of the site are old school and dont have what it takes to move with the times.

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