The Nation is a liberal online publication. The Nations problems started when they acquired an online forum called Thaivisa.

Thaivisa contains a moderated chat board forum. In general the moderators operate to keep discussions on topic, modify post formatting to make posts more readable, and sometimes help out by moving a topic to a more appropriate subforum. They also perform other functions to keep discussions running smoothly. Thaivisa has a news subforum where the news team sometimes posts topics that are political in nature.

Unlike other subforums the news subforum is heavily censored through biased moderation. Many members have been suspended and several have been outright banned because they expressed a political opinion that went against the ultra liberal ideological echo chamber that moderators want to see. The worst moderator uses the member name Scott. Scott attempts to bully other members into spouting the party line, threatening suspensions or outright bans, thus preserving the ultraliberal ideological echo chamber.

The result is that free speech is denied. The Nation is complicit in this since they own Thaivisa and do nothing to stop it. The Nations status as a legitimate online publication is a now a joke. They should correct the problem or sell off Thaivisa.

No other action will work. The bottom line result is that the Nation engages in active suppression of free speech while at the same time pretending to be a legitimate news publication.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Moderator.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Thai Visa Cons: Denial of freedom of speech.

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Truly a nonsense comment. The nation is considered a conservative media outlet closely tied to the support of the military junta.

The issue of Trump is a minor one item out of dozens on any given day. The world does not revolve around Trump.


What planet do you live on? It's an excellent comment and The Nation is indeed a liberal rag.

In case you haven't noticed, Donald Trump is President of the United States and the world DOES revolve around him. Get a clue.


Given all the bitterness and insults here by the obsessed and disgruntled,

the forum is probably better off without it being spewed all over the threads.

Take your hate elsewhere...


TV mod shrill or might even be the great CEO cheesehead himself


Instead of bleating like a bell end, why not address some of the issues raised?

The forum is doomed and a dire place these days...


The many members banned runs into hundreds, even for using words like libtard, anything that is does not fit their PC lefty agenda is stamped on. The mods are mostly as bad as each other, the main ones that is like Scott, Rimmer and Metisdead and are killing the forum off. Just don't support it by posting anything.


Good advice, Ivor. ThaiVisa has become a safe space for triggered Libtards.

There's a handful of regulars and if we agree to stop feeding their narcissism, personality and sexual disorders, it'll just be them left in the threads blathering to each other.

With nobody to attack or virtue signal to, the regulars will start attacking each other, trying to find out who among them isn't pure "enough".

Log out and stay logged out of ThaiVisa.


Very good idea. I just logged out of Thaivisa for the last time.

I'm never logging in again.

By participating we only help the corrupt system stay in place. As far as I'm concerned, Thaivisa is history.


Admit it "Ivor", you are a former member, banned for your obnoxious, arrogant, {{Redacted}} South African demeanor. Now you troll this site every day under various fake names insulting the forum and it's mods.

We all know who you are, you idiot. How is it going over at the new forum ?


I admit I am a former member and I recommend others become likewise. To support TV is to support left wing intolerance and bigotry. Life is too short to waste your time helping to fill their coffer while being censored and banned, TV is rubbish.


Only YOU can curb your nasty ThaiVisa habit. It's a negative, unhealthy place, but you, and many other lost souls with nothing much to do all day, have allowed it to become a significant part of their daily life spent on the internet.

You need to quit, or cut back your intake. I did, and so can you.


Since when has ThaiVisa, The Nation or Thailand as a whole, for that matter, ever been about "free speech".

Wake up, Dorothy. You ain't in Kansas anymore.


I actually think Scott is very moderate.

He is the only one I've seen that gives soft fair warnings in the threads.

While giving second chances.

You go over the line again, see ya.

Some of the other moderators will suspend you without warning whatsoever.

Stop your whining.


This is a joke, right?

Scott is a person (?) whose title as moderator has gone to his head.

He suspends and bans based on politics only.

Absolute ***, no redeeming value as a person or animal. Like a dog humping your leg.


I think the point the original poster is making is that the Nation condones censorship and at the same time pretends to be a real news publication. The worthless moderator Scott is key in that censorship. He appears to view the whole thing as one big video game, but the bottom line is the Nation is losing money due to him.


The Nation is not a real newspaper. If it were it would not allow censorship.

That is the key right there.

Don't be dismayed if you are censored.

The Nation is no better than a Liberal chat group. No sense of free speech or thought what so ever.


People dont normally see themselves as they really are, they have a warped perception of themselves, so Scott would see Scott as being modrerate wouldnt he ? SCOTT

TV moderators should not be allowed on this site to comment under "anonymous" they should have the guts to admit who they are and grow a pair...


Thanks for the insight, Scott!


You hit the nail on the head, dude. The Nation should divest itself of that worthless chatboard and the deluded Scott. Many good posters have been banned as a result of that twirp and his very strange political views that he allows to interfere with his job as moderator.

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