Covid has given me a lot of time on my hands, and I ended up on that sewer of a forum. Again.

It is, hands down, the laughingstock of the expat community, and mocked by everyone outside of that forums 20-30 active posters.

Moderation is a joke. Overbearing and so plainly biased its actually fascinating to watch. Scott has single handedly made that forum into a toxic pool of brain-dead elderly drunks crying into their beers about trump and through Scotts severe moderation practices, anyone to the right of Stalin and is outspoken, eventually gets run off of the forum. What happens then is the inmates run the asylum reporting posts and getting people suspended. Add to that, the people moderating are just as biased.

The whole place is a joke. Across most of the forum you cant even make your own threads, you can only comment on what the forum admin decides should be discussed, and this is highly annoying, especially in the news sections.

Best to be avoided like the plague, because it is definitely not a community, nor is it a place where one should invest any of their time.

If you need visa info, ubonjoe is reliable and if you need DIY/electrical info, Crossy is solid. Thats about the extent of the forums usefulness and even that is stretching it.

And dont even get me started on the stupid ads all over the site. *** they can barely keep the site running.

Just a horrible place all together and I guarantee youll feel annoyed after just a simple visit and reading the comments.

User's recommendation: Avoid like the plague, and join Twitter if you need to interact with people.

Thai Visa Pros: Being reminded of how stupid a segment of the expat community is.

Thai Visa Cons: Scott administration and moderation.

Location: Bangkok, Bangkok

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Dead forum


Thailand's expat community are a laughing stock period. Social misfits unable to get laid or build meaningful relationships in their home countries turning to the gullible poor in a third world cr-ap hole.


When posting at thaivisa you must ask yourself one question. Is the topic I am posting to genuine or fake with the author laughing at me for taking it seriously.

Given the thaivisa track record there's a good chance a topic is a fake with fabricated content written by the sites admin or some attention seeking member with no life.

If sensationalised bait news and the misfortune of others gets you off, thaivisa is the place to fill your empty life. PS Dead froum.


I guess the key mods are on some sort of bonus system to write these trash posts to keep the google bot happy. If not and they write them out of love for the site - then that doesn't bear thinking about.

What gets me is the old fools pile on in there with the answers... Some of the accounts are from long-dead members or never posted much and come back to life after say 10 years dormancy to try and fool 'em.


People actually take this forum seriously and believe most of what's written to be true. This is why internet sales platforms succeed in selling junk because they know a large proportion of the population is gullible.

The number is of course much higher at thaivisa. Even the flagship visa forum is riddled with misinformation and trash written by social misfits.


Slow news day or low traffic, lets start a sin sod or UK pensions thread to boost the posts.


Or pump not working down in DIY.

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