It looks like Thai Visa/Nation are reaching the end. Apart from a bunch of Mods ruining it who think they control life the universe and everything.

TVF are now begging for money. That's right, begging for money. They are crying out that it costs money to run the site and need subscriptions. Obviously advertisers have left this crooked forum and now it is sinking.

The forum is full of false members and clickbaits and probably has no more than 100 members at best.

What used to be a helpful forum for those interested in going to Thailand has become a Lefty Luvvie anti trump scene. Good riddance to Scott, Metisdead and their boyfriend Jingthing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Media Forum.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Unfortunately the forum is their life and universe. These people had no real life previously and old age and a pension have given them some semblance of power, at least in their minds.

They still have not and never have had any relevance in the real world. I feel sorry for the poor old deluded fools who never achieved anything in their lives.


Thai Visa is not an expensive operation and there is an economy of scale. However, the demographic info and IP info is of great interest to some people. TVF stopped to be a worthwhile forum years ago once Thailand became a hostile place for westerners.


They are doing what all forums who are on their last legs do.

They refuse to remove banned or "dead" members from the lists, they are setting up fake members to boost the lists and have banned some of the most helpful members who had the nerve to question Scott.

When you look at their advertisers, they have lost most of them and only a few remain, these being companies connected to Thai Visa or The Nation.

They are begging for money to keep the site going and anyone visiting the site using an ad blocker is confronted with a massive advert for money and music that drowns everything out in the room around you.

The word that describes this is DESPERATION.

They only have their over zealous moderators to blame for this.


Scott, like his worthless fellows, never was anything more than a contemptible little worm with a hushbutton. I doubt he could moderate a lego set let alone an adult discussion forum.

His total inability to handle other opinions in any other way than to simplemindedly delete them is just pathetic.

No wonder even the UN let him go. He should guard his anonymity well...


Where did you hear the TV / Nation tie up was coming to an end?


I think the OP meant that the whole bangshoot is on it's last legs, not just the collaboration between TV and The Nation.

Have you had a look at the site recently?

Full of recycled 'topics', and Trolling. Utter garbage now.

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