I am so fed up with the anti-Thai and anti-Government comments on Thaivisa.com that I have decided to report them to the Military Government in the hope of having them banned in Thailand.

They are employing moderators who openly admit they are anti-Junta which is why they allow so many negative comments regarding the present Government.

They allow trolls to post comments on the site simply to attract clicks, which is revenue to them, even though there is a forum rule which says trolling is not permitted.

Once a mod has it in for someone they will hound that member continually until they eventually ban them.

The most biased forum I have ever seen in my life.

Reason of review: Lousy moderators.

Thai Visa Cons: Moderation, Metisdead, Thaivisa, Unfair customer service, Trolls.

Location: Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai

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Who is metisdead does he live?


just been banned from thaivisa.com for protesting about there bullying and blackmailing

methods to get members to turn off there adblocks so as they can make more money as they say, I posted this website on the forum 3 times and it was removed by Metisdead

would not advise anyone to join Tv. anyone with ideas on how to expose these gansters

i would like to hear from thanks Oldgent


Can someone kill metisdead, so it will be met is dead ???


Anybody can give me details about this *** moderator Ubonjoe? Will give a reward to get his real name and address.


Do a search for the American Legion in Ubonratchathani. You will see Joe's name and phone number. He posted it on Thai visa.


You support a military dictatorship that has suspended civil liberties and denied basic freedoms to the people of Thailand. And now you gleefully report that you are a snitch for the gestapo.

Remember what happened to the collaborators after Rome was liberated? Hopefully, you will soon get to know your local utility pole.


^ Andrew is a well known TVF troll, pay no attention to him lol


I agree - after several years of being abused for trying to remain positive about Thailand and Thai people, I gave up even accessing the site recently. I did some research about the BTEWs (Bitter Twisted Expat Whingers) who dominate the site (many moderators ar BTEWs) and noted that many 'defenders' of Thailand and the Thai people are now banned as members.

I went back to 2004 and saw that of the banned members, the majority were members who used to argue with the BTEWs.

I even wrote up a post about the BTEWs and their 'group tactics', which amounts to bullying really, and how the website is now dominated by their negative mentality - the post was immediately deleted (abusing other members) and I was banned. But I think that the real reason why I was banned and why the site has become dominated by BTEWs is that the owners of the site tried to sell it and the sale collapsed. They are still apparently trying to sell it - getting out before the problems come I think.

There are only so many 'hits' on ThaiVisa from people asking for advice about Visas and Car/Medical issues. But if ThaiVisa post a news article about the problems in Thailand (especially the Govt or Police) and there are literally thousands of hits, and hundreds of comments (mostly negative abuse and criticsm of Thailand and Thais). And what makes money for the owner/s of ThaiVisa? Hits and 'activity'.

The more hits and activity, the more the advertisers pay. And members cannot quit/cancel membership of ThaiVisa - just like Facebook - because making money from advertisers is also about the number of members. They count all those who have been banned and those who have not even accessed the site for years as members - I am still counted as a member and will be (til the site is shut down).

And in the last 12 months there has been an enormous increase in the adds per page - members are complaining it takes so long to load anything now. But the owner/s do not care - they are making as much as they can before they sell/quit.

And you are soon to get your wish I think.

There is a very real chance that both the website and some members will be sued soon (and arrested under the Thailand defamation laws), and that is why the sale apparently did not proceed.

I certainly and many others hope so. What was a great source of information and advice, has deteriorated into a sesspool of abuse about Thailand and Thai people - all so that the owner/s could make more money from the sale (but they waited too long me thinks) :)


Or, or, you can simply stop using ThaiVisa. I am aware that people complain of this and that but they do this everywhere.

I have consistently found TV to actually restrain themselves personally. If you had this bad experience perhaps some self reflection might aid next time. Or, perhaps you are correct, but I do not think this is a common experience, just a malcontent.

I have been censored, of had posts removed. Upon reflection those times were actually correct, or at least could be reasonably argued as the right course.

I would suspect this happens to you often in life. Arjunadawn


One of the new owners are you ?

George screwed you right over if you are, most of the members that they claim to have never post or have been banned, even the banned are left showing as members to keep the numbers up.


I don't know how they are not banned from Thai ISP's, the Thai bashing is unbelievable and cherry picked threads are aimed at the Thai bashing fraternity as click bait.

I'm quite sure none of the Thai based Moderators who work for Thai Visa have work permits, even the guy who moderates the Visa section UbonJoe admitted he does not have a work permit whilst working for a commercial website, and he gives out advice to people seeking correct visa information, it's a joke.

The Website must put off many people thinking of coming to Thailand by all the negativity from a bunch of miserable old men.

But if you criticize them for Thai bashing, you'll likely be banned by a dickwad such as Metisdead.

OP, don't think about doing it, just do it, that site is poison and only spotlights negative aspects of Thailand for clicks and profit, they deserve to be on the banned list for Thai ISP's.


That anal comment by "Anonymous" is one of the many reasons I hate that forum so much.

He/she is obviously part of the TVF mod squad and the comment is worthless.

Look how many negative comments have been made over the years about this toxic forum compared to positive ones.

The whole moderation team should be locked up for the criticism they allow directed at the Thai people and the Government.

They have rules pertaining to trolling and criticizing the Junta yet they allow posts that contravene these rules while removing comments that attack these trolls and propaganda posters.

I cannot wait for Karma to catch up with these disgusting people who run that click farm.


"the Thai bashing is unbelievable and cherry picked threads are aimed at the Thai bashing fraternity as click bait"

So report them, here - https://report.thaihotline.org/report/website

It's quite simple and if enough people report them something may just be done about them.

Pass this url on to anyone who has a gripe with them.

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