Currently on Thaivisa world news section there is a topic about an American p*e*d*o who has been sentenced. Many posters are understandably denouncing the criminal and applauding the authorities who brought him to justice.

Many posters, except for two profilic posters. Moderator Scott and his boyfriend JT have not commented on the topic yet they have been active since the topic began. Why could this be? Why have they not denounced this criminal?

We know why.

Its time for Thaivisa to cough these two up to law enforcement and let justice be served. Thai visa can no longer be a haven for kiddy fiddlers.

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It's not only Scott and Jingthing.

Ubon Joe and Sheryl are two moderators that both enjoy good reputations within their areas of expertise, Ubon Joe for visas and Sheryl for medicine.Members thank them quite often for their helpful advice.

However, when it comes to censorship based on political views, that’s a different story.

Get to know Ubon Joe and Sheryl a little better and you find out they support the left-wing, fascist, thug politics of the other mods. They will ban people, or have them banned, based on the left wing fascist criteria of the Thaivisa management. By participating, perhaps against their own will, they are just as bad as those with whom they associate.

A crowd which, by the way, includes one murderer, albeit a former mod, but one who is now in prison for murdering his Thai girlfriend. You can Google this if you wish.

Sheryl and Ubon Joe, I urge you to RENOUNCE Thaivisa and leave that group of murderers and thugs. Perhaps you could go to other websites where you would be free to give helpful advice without the incredible negative stigma of Thaivisa.

Right now it’s a stain on both your lives.

Get rid of that stain.Remember, you are judged by the company you keep.


If those two broke away and went 'solo' they'd make a killing on an information site about Thai Visas/Immigration and health issues, but sadly they both seem a little tied up in the heavy-handed TVF moderation policy


I am part of a PM group and JT will be exposed :) also Scott school where he teaches will be informed.

They've exposed themselves with that thread and many others.


Not weighing in or commenting on an article doesn't equate to agreement or concurrence. Me thinks YOU have lost the plot with this internet/social media nonsense, and are consumed with an irrational fixation on Scott and Jingythingy.

Don't get me wrong, I think they are twisted perverts and carry out an agenda using ThaiVisa as their own private platform.....

but not commenting on an article about a ***, or in a way that meets your approval, isn't grounds to do what you've said. Then again, you are most likely full of *** yourself, so I don't think they'll pay any notice to you or your *** rambling.


Not true. Scott has banned many posters for expressing distaste to kiddy fiddlers, ergo Scott does not like grass on the pitch when he plays.

I have again reported this nest of snakes to authorities, plus their full personal details.

Hope the police move fast on this one. Just think how many of these mods are convicted killers and molesters - ITmanager, livininkata there will be others, birds of a feather and all that


This is not an isolated case, on numerous ocassions over the years when stories about Thailand based farang pedos are posted certiain moderators swoop in and censor or delete the threads, most recently the Nick Gully case being another example


I haven't noticed that but then again, I'm not obsessed with articles about pedos, or Mods, to the extent you seem to be. My general recollection about articles on *** arrests is that TVF members are quick to condemn.

Granted, I don't revisit *** threads, certainly not to feed a vindictive obsession about Mods.

Let me ask you..... was it YOUR comments in a *** thread which got deleted or moderated? Perhaps you could share with us the precise nature of your comments. Were you flaming a Mod directly?

Come on then, tell us what you said, exactly, word for word. Don't lie.

Last, I can't recall condemning a *** in a TVF article myself. Does that make me a ***, or some kind of enabler? Have you conducted a McCarthy Cross Check against the full list of TVF members as well?

Anyone who fails to condemn the accused *** to your satisfaction must, by default, be a ***, right?

What about members who fail to condemn a terrorist attack? And if I don't take the time to type a meaningless platitude such as "RIP" in a thread about a dead farang balcony jumper in Pattaya, what does that mean?

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