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Basically I signed up with an account and began posting my thoughts on my life in Thailand. Within hours I was being harassed by mods (CharlieH, darksidedog, metisdead, rimmer) and other members for posting my own opinions which they did not agree with.

CharlieH & darksidedog are the worst, with metisdead coming in a close 3rd. How these people get to dictate what is acceptable or not is beyond me. Their liberal bias and outright bully boy tactics is shameful and needs to be sorted out.

What bugs me about darksidedog especially as that he calls me a thai basher (which I am not) then he proceeds to post some of the most offensive material regarding thai people their governments and their institutions. He has a deep hatred of the thai government and police force in particular. It seems to be one rule for the mods and one for everyone else, especially the newbies, they are treated with the utmost contempt.

Thaivisa should take a long hard look at itself in the mirror. They have sold their souls for profit and it is now a shadow of its former self. Poor show, folks. Poor show indeed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Forum.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Thaivisa mods to be sacked..

Thai Visa Cons: Denial of freedom of speech, Moderators, Darksidedog, Charlieh.

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Rimmer the reaper more posts gone on his own technicalities what a *** the site is tiered out the mods are more in line with Prayut these days


Charlie H the H must stand for hunt miss spelt useless ***


Metisdead hopefully very soon gestapo of what this *** deems troll is staggering what a ***


Metisdead is in overdrive of importance with the current protests deeming everything off topic your typical expat ***


Well, some interesting comments from the less than erudite sub humans that infest Thai Visa. Really, they need to be very careful as despite what they think their locations are very easy to find.

What will happen when The Nation closes down its print section. will these people be let loose on the public courtesy of the online version of The Nation?


More rubbish started by losers on the Big Mango forum.


Lol. Who was it this time? That bogus policeman who took early retirement in Pattaya (yeah, right) or his chop shop pal who used to scam Australians from Soi 55?


Ha Ha Ha! No way does a British policeman quit the force and retire to Pattaya.

That guy SiamPolee was probably booted out for perving. What a loser. I've heard he's reduced to teaching English to supplement his *** or non-existent pension. What a pathetic excuse for a life.

He and his boiler room buddy are behind most of these Pissed Consumer reports. BIG MANGO FORUM criminals and losers.


Andew you still with and sober I ask.


But if they are losers as you say, why do you feel the need to post in defence of Thai Visa, monetary aspects perhaps? You need to be very careful in that which you write or ambiguously imply.

Remember the laws on libel here in Thailand, be careful who you name, you never really know just what their connections maybe or in truth who or what they really are. big Mango was actually established by a mod from Thai Visa as that mod was disgusted by the campaign being waged against certain posters by Thai Visa Mods.

None of the mods in big Mango has murdered and dismembered their partner or enjoys the company of children like the dancing Boys of Afghanistan, or is a rabid plastic jew who detests the Goyim but loves gay goyim and transgender creatures nor was Big Mango ever a front for dubious visa renewal activities either. the place was born of corrupt and illegal practices, so be careful what you write, publish and say, no VPN is 100% foolproof.

@Arpan Ytz

In just a single post you've managed to combine rac_ism, hom_ophobia, tran_sphobia and para_noia. And let's not forget your morbid obsession with JT.

But thanks for confirming that your Mango forum is behind the sickening bile that characterizes the fake reviews on this website. As for what's next .... why not go and crawl back under your stone.

Either that or get professional help. Oh, and transgender men and women are not "creatures".


Look mommy up in the sky, its a snowflake. Dont worry son, God sent us his only son son Donald Trump to rescue us from the madness of these millenials and their sense of self entitlement.


LOL another mentally unstable person incapable of following the website rules, complaining about a website service which he does not pay for, nor financially support.


Website rules ? Which are what ?

Let me help you - you are not supposed to post slurs against Thais or Thailand - yet upwards of 90% of the tired weary old posts from the motley collection of racists on TVF are pure slurs - if you're a favourite like the absurd Jingthing you can slur away - if you're not a favourite you will be banned instantly for the same comment. A thread recently mocked a thai girl for being raped - she had it coming because she was thai according to TVF !! All ok with the mods. The moderation is simply ludicrous and getting worse.

Metisdead is an outright coward, CharlieH is like a petulant school teacher with his red pen and ohhh so boring twee little 'word association' threads. Read the posts of the biggest racist Fex Bleuse - outright racist allowed to post his bile day after day after day - ALL unchecked !! As for not financially supporting it - the crooks at TVF sell users stats (dodgy stats) for revenue to advertisers. I have recently started emailing all of them to ask them to pursue TVF for proof !!

The radio stats are pure fantasy! TVF know it but that doesn't stop them peddling the lies to bring in the revenue. Its a crooked rogue operation.

They are about to be found out and all the petulant immature *** of moderators will be looking for another job!! Not a day too soon


why should I have to pay for that pile of *** You clearly work for thaivisa. What a sad, lonely life you must lead, cleaning up the mess on pissed consumer. What a gimp.

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