We all know what goes on with the Thaivisa Mods and their favorites, both on the forum and in the streets of Pattaya. Here is just another example.

See the attached photo. It is a post by Jingthing that was edited by.... Scott! Obviously Scott/Jingthing forgot which account "he" was using and edited with the wrong account!

Scumsucker (and worse) Scott will ban you if you say anything pro-Trump.

Also if you're anti-NAMBLA. This forum should be taken over with normal people as mods.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Forum.

Thai Visa Pros: Some of the members.

Thai Visa Cons: Snowflake moderators, Denial of freedom of speech, Unfair customer service.

Location: New Delhi, National Capital Territory Of Delhi

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Dead forum.


She also goes by the name simple1. Trys to look like a low IQ, low info, Trump deranged, anti white hater. One of the more vile trolls on the Thai focused internet.


Right on


That's not "proof". Mods can, and do, edit peoples' posts.

Jingthing has moderated himself quite a bit over the past 9 or so months. He used to be a lot worse, as I'm sure you'll recall.

He reads this site as well. I'm sure that knowledge will give you as much pleasure as it does him.

@Dmitriy Nsq

Jingthing is a fat loser and he has been obnoxious over the past 9 months. Hands down more people have dropped out of TVF because of him than any other poster.

He is not funny nor interesting.

I mean how can you have 100,000 posts on ANY forum and have balance in your life or a large circle of real friends not cyber ones. It’s impossible.


I am Jingthing, and I'm telling you, I've been a lot better over the past 9 months. And if you don't believe that, you can kiss the big orange president's *** you homophobic conservative! So there!

@Mi Sle

I’m gay. But since on the topic Jingthing thinks he’s gayer than gay!

He is also the reason most gay TVF readers don’t post on that section I know this for a fact. He has no idea what’s going on in the gay world in Thailand. What people talk about at bars nowadays. What gays really “ don’t “ care about.

He labels everyone homophobic if they have even the slightest disagreement with him on anything “ gay” I have seen it soo many times over the years. People don’t bother anymore. How does an old man who never goes out in Bangkok or for sure London or Barcelona or New York and vacations in these places have any real grip on what REAL people in the gay community think and talk about? Most gay people can see a funny remark from a straight or gay poster and not label it as “homophobic” as he always does.

If he ever heard what a group of mature , educated gay men laugh about it is often themselves or other gays! He just does not get the vibe on the street at all and posts link after link that most don’t even open.

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