Thaivisa suspended me for using the word snowflake. I meant it to mean someone who did not want Trump to win the election and now that he is president, that person will not get over it.

Here's the deal, Trump won the presidency fair and square. If people want to be snowflakes and whine and complain, that's their prerogative, but at some point the really do need to get over it. At the very least, we should be able to call a spade a spade, and a snowflake a snowflake.

So what's with the mods over there at Thaivisa? They all seem like a bunch of snowflakes to me.

Thai Visa Pros: Some of the members.

Thai Visa Cons: Snowflake moderators.

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Almost all Trump supporters have been banned. its a Dems only forum now, how dumb.


The simpletons who parrot the fool occupying the White House, have been warned for quite some time about using that word.

I guess you must have missed it.

No surprise, the Trumpsters often jump uninformed into a thread without a clue as to what has recently been said/posted.

They'll see a headline and without bothering to read the actual story, they dive in with their childish name calling.

Generally, from their mobile phones.

There is no real defense for this ignorant buffoon Trump, so the Trumpies prefer to attack the messenger.


"They'll see a headline and without bothering to read the actual story, they dive in with their childish name calling."

Have you had a look at the other comments they are diving into though? Childish name calling would be a gross understatement.


So right. Jingting is worst offender but protect by scott.


ThaiVisa folklore says the Forum used to be a cozy place for the old guard who prefer the world as it used to be. That's not unusual. We come into this world as babies soiling our underwear, and that's most of us go out.


Apparently you can post links to cnn fake news from you tube, but not links criticizing cnn and exposing their censoring and bias, that's 'not approved' Thai visa is making itself a bigger joke all the time. Liberal boy lovers like Scott have ruined it, it used to be for grown ups, now it's for liberal ***.

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