Metisdead is beyond a *** and biased. He is a *** bag that now resorts to deleting posts secretively without comment.

If you have a missing post it is him. Just look at the screen and see if he is in the thread and when he leaves so do many posts. What a completely BS site that allows punks like him to run rampant on the site abusing posters and promoting his own issues.

Thaivisa really does suck and their constant changes recently show they have no clue what their real problem is. This site will continue to go down hill and lose advertisers and run into problems with authorities as long as they continue to abuse the people visiting the site.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Forum.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Get rid of Metisdead and change your racist ways.

Thai Visa Cons: Metisdead.

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Guess most of the peeps who post at this cesspool are just too dumb to realize most question topics are fake or made up by attention seeking dreamers. Beware of newbie accounts with join date between 2005 and 2016.


Oh yes, the dormant accounts admin spam trolls. Suspect the mods who appear not to be getting paid (share options for the Big 5) are not minded to do that.

That will be webfact and Jonathon Fairfield to earn their rumoured 60k baht per monht. Some of the posts are barely literate such as the speed at which they need to pump the stuff out. And it must make a difference or they wouldn't waste so much time on the effort otherwise. This of course is cheating advertisers and Google and the taboola ads and the like as a lot of clicks and content are probably fake.

Once you go down that route then you are truly on the road to nowhere. Join the newly emerged Thaiger Talk forum and spend your time and your efforts there.


The mix of fake posts and poor moderation has resulted in the site becoming on huge pile of misinformation and childish bickering. This will of course appear normal to the average bar stool simpleton whose life revolves around the thaivisa forums.


Trump won


Since 2 days ago, every single time that I want to view the forum requires me to go through a lengthy Cloudfare security check, involving clicking on minute pictures, such as of boats and planes. Often, even after selecting the correct pictures, I receive an error 502 from Cloudflare.

Out of all the many websites that I access each day, Thaivisa forum is the only one where I experience these types of problems.

It really is not worthwhile to go through all these hassles - I can easily give this website a total miss and visit more user-friendly websites.I am one of the earliest members of this forum. Over the years, it has changed dramatically, often in a negative direction as far as website usability is concerned


TRUMP WON! Walter Mitty strikes again.

With a shiny new name Led Lolly Yellow Lolly our well armed do it all resort manager continues his dreams.

THAIGER TALK - Please help build this new forum. Toxic Thaivisa dead heads not welcome.


sir (if that's what you are) have far too much time on your hands. Meanwhile metisdead writes..... My member name was related to a certain FM radio station going "dead":


Walter Mitty spot on LOL


Trump won


Trump won


No he didn't. Missing the World News Forum comrade! Your dead forum was a better quip and true to boot.


UNBELIEVABLE - admin forgot to renew the site domain so it went down with a bump for several hours with DNS errors. Dan is raging, redundancies coming soon.


11/6/2021 16.45 and the site is yet again down with a bump. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN can't be long to go now - couldn't organize the proverbial *** up in a brewery and Dan seems increasingly not to care about the expensive mutant adolescent he bought for a reputed $2 million dollars 4 years ago.,


Trump won


New forum at The Thaiger called Thaiger Talk pretty small now but get over there and join and send TVF on it's way .....


Walter Mitty strikes again. With a shiny new name Led Lolly Yellow Lolly our well armed do it all resort manager continues his dreams.


forums are full of dreamers like member Pilotman the pattaya bar stool pilot they called mr tall story


Trump won


Walter Mitty strikes again. With a shiny new name Led Lolly Yellow Lolly our well armed do it all resort manager continues his dreams.


Yes gun slinger NilSS mysteriously became Led Lolly Yellow Lolly

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