Metisdead is beyond a *** and biased. He is a *** bag that now resorts to deleting posts secretively without comment.

If you have a missing post it is him. Just look at the screen and see if he is in the thread and when he leaves so do many posts. What a completely BS site that allows punks like him to run rampant on the site abusing posters and promoting his own issues.

Thaivisa really does suck and their constant changes recently show they have no clue what their real problem is. This site will continue to go down hill and lose advertisers and run into problems with authorities as long as they continue to abuse the people visiting the site.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Get rid of Metisdead and change your racist ways.

Thai Visa Cons: Metisdead.

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Given the original post was spot on, its safe to say the reply was from one of the absurd Thaivisa moderators who shouldn't be put in charge of their own laces ! Little mini hitlers who encourage racism and xenophobia across this whole dreadful site !


Bet they wished they hadn't done that now !


Yeah, My comment where remove silently. Happens alot last 2 years. Cant say anything anymore


agreed. Metisdead is worse than Scott, if that's possible, in the sense of degrading ThaiVisa.com with his right-wing reactionary nonsense.


Agreed. I unsubscribed from TV.

Some really dumb stuff there, and powed mad mods. Scott is also a ***.


How did you remove yourself from the membership list? I've got two banned usernames still showing as members.


Metisdead will probably be banned soon, he ruins far too many threads and affects ad revenue by people just giving up participating, he really is an enigma.


Sadly in 2020 he is still hacking away banning and deleting all and sundry *** that he is.


check out www.thaivisainthailandsucks.blog.com


That's harsh what they did... seriously, you were trying to help and treated like a POS by those moderators.

ThaiVisa is owned by a company called Choice Group Asia.


Maybe raise a complaint with them as well


suspended by this clown for calling a post "click bait"


Love to meet that guy in real life, I can't understand what makes a guy like him tick, he ruins so many threads, if I was the site owner I'd ban him.


Metisdead. He's the worst mod now, just beating out Peter Cool in the race to be the worst mod on ThaiVisa.


Metisdead is an Australian *** who feels threatened by any post pertaining to America.


Metisadufus is an America hater from down under. Told me in 2013 on my 7th suspension by him he was going to suspend me till he could throw me out.

Suspensions continue in connivance with the rightwing posters but I'm not banned yet. Not for a few more dayze anyway.

Metisadipshit spends his time as a Mod Squad getting off on the lunar orbiting rightwing posters at the World News Forum who post the stuff he loves.

Conversely, Metisadunce targets opposite pov posters to stalk, harass, suspend then toss. Everything about Metisaloser is personal and political, but almost entirely personal.

@Josaiah Ieu

Met is an American citizen.


There are Australians in the USA who have dual citizenship or took an American citizenship only. There are Australians in Australia who have done this.

The U.S. Government discourages dual citizenship but it grants it nonetheless. You'd need to show me the passport(s) of the Metdork to see his place of birth which would shine light on your sycophant of Met claim. Until then shutup about your vacuous claim.

Which means shutup about it unless you can prove your claim and do it convincingly.

You'll just have to back up your claim on this one. Metisadick does in fact match the cliched profile of the Aussie who is an America hater.


I think he is a Pom from Yorkshire


metisdead... what a ***...

but hey, a suspension from him is a gift given the stupidity of the racist, fascist posting community.

It's better to hang out with people who actually have brains.


Agree, I am tempted to just create accounts to login to speak my mind about his this fool on the open forums.

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