Metisdead is beyond a *** and biased. He is a *** bag that now resorts to deleting posts secretively without comment.

If you have a missing post it is him. Just look at the screen and see if he is in the thread and when he leaves so do many posts. What a completely BS site that allows punks like him to run rampant on the site abusing posters and promoting his own issues.

Thaivisa really does suck and their constant changes recently show they have no clue what their real problem is. This site will continue to go down hill and lose advertisers and run into problems with authorities as long as they continue to abuse the people visiting the site.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Forum.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Get rid of Metisdead and change your racist ways.

Thai Visa Cons: Metisdead.

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11/6/2021 16.45 and the site is yet again down with a bump. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN can't be long to go now - couldn't organize the proverbial *** up in a brewery and Dan seems increasingly not to care about the expensive mutant adolescent he bought for a reputed $2 million dollars 4 years ago.,


Trump won


New forum at The Thaiger called Thaiger Talk pretty small now but get over there and join and send TVF on it's way .....


Walter Mitty strikes again. With a shiny new name Led Lolly Yellow Lolly our well armed do it all resort manager continues his dreams.


forums are full of dreamers like member Pilotman the pattaya bar stool pilot they called mr tall story


Trump won


Walter Mitty strikes again. With a shiny new name Led Lolly Yellow Lolly our well armed do it all resort manager continues his dreams.


Yes gun slinger NilSS mysteriously became Led Lolly Yellow Lolly


Having culled the world news junkies admin have even had a pop at the saintly ex-POTY Colin Neil and trolled him with one of the ageing low post spam accounts (this one dated from 2009) that they regularly use to spam-spin the threads. He almost broke ranks to condemn them for he of all people ought to know what is going on.

Dan intones from the relative safety of Kho Chang where he is having lengthy bouts of self reflection as to what's it all about - particularly so since the mods are in resentful low level rebellion. Meanwhile the ever rising Thaiger website has opened a similar bulletin board Thaiger talk I suggest decent folk move over there and help build a real community.

Oh and finally they have a paid advertorial for a bitcoin Ponzi scheme promising huge monthly returns. Criminal !


No one is reading it anymore, effectively shut down. Mods are flat broke. Scott has been reduced to using chicken fat for his anal lube.


The bored old dead heads are still there reading the bait and posting the obvious. Gullible and unable to wipe their own backsides these forums are essential life support.


Dead forum


Trump won


THAIVISA FORUMS - Where old dead heads meet.


Lets not forget the crooked mods and wife beaters like BritManToo.


Dead forum


Trump won


INSIDE *** Dan has realized that he now has a liability TVF that is a millstone around his neck. Getting rid of the World News Forum was all well and good but the ad metrics are still in a nosedive.

He is also very impatient with the entitled ageing mods that have ruled the roost since the early days of George so is stuck economically and managerially between a rock and a hard place.

He can't move forward and he can't standstill - expect a fire sale or a shutdown soon and a shafting of the Big 5 Mods theoretical share options that keep them hanging on. He was pretty pissed off by the mushroom protest as it is his asset and investment on the line.


Dead forum


Trump won

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