Metisdead is beyond a *** and biased. He is a *** bag that now resorts to deleting posts secretively without comment.

If you have a missing post it is him. Just look at the screen and see if he is in the thread and when he leaves so do many posts. What a completely BS site that allows punks like him to run rampant on the site abusing posters and promoting his own issues.

Thaivisa really does suck and their constant changes recently show they have no clue what their real problem is. This site will continue to go down hill and lose advertisers and run into problems with authorities as long as they continue to abuse the people visiting the site.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Get rid of Metisdead and change your racist ways.

Thai Visa Cons: Metisdead.

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Thai Visa Forum is now really in its final death throes. Endless fake troll accounts spouting rubbish seem to pop up in many threads with seldom a follow-up.

Mods ruthlessly delete any responses to them. Yinn the poster of the year has come back but more lackluster as she knows that the game is upon her id. Dan the Man Cheesmean must surely be worried his major investment is failing and badly to promote such destructive behavior on a once-great forum. Sad really and the aging mods with nowhere else to go acquiesce in this gross deception for fear of their meager incomes no doubt.

I've given up posting on there as it is an epic waste of time and I don't want to encourage such malignant behavior. Advertisers should note that promoting your product to a skinflint, baht less community of which a lot is fake folk is a waste of your hard-earned money.AVOID.


Now that the fiasco of P.O.T.Y. is over, i will post about my suspicions.

The posters who are claiming to be Yinn, a young working Thai lady, makes some posts in good clear English, other posts made in Tinglish. Surely they should put their heads together before posting and get things sorted. As i have said before, i think Yinn is a hairy ar++d trucker from Barnsley, using his Thai girlfriend to make some of the posts. How impolite is that!

When you were awarded POTY nobody came on after the fact and accused you of being a hairy *** trucker from Barnsley, I thought you might have more class than that! It's shameful, if you had a case you should have made it during the contest and asked it to be investigated, not way after the fact. Colin does have a valid point in that the quality of English in Yinns posts do vary dramatically. I thought from very early days Yinn was behind the avatar, a farang (or group of), having a laugh.

Colin does have a valid point in that the quality of English in Yinns posts do vary dramatically. I thought from very early days Yinn was behind the avatar, a farang (or group of), having a laugh. A laugh or not he/she still won, that deserves some respect. You are wrong, both during and after i was awarded P.O.T.Y.

comments were made about me, most of them deleted by the mods, please get your facts straight before commenting. Conning other members "deserves respect" Which part of the word competition do you not understand! You are wrong, both during and after i was awarded P.O.T.Y. comments were made about me, most of them deleted by the mods, please get your facts straight before commenting.

So for that reason you feel the need to attack the new POTY, classy! C'mon, whether impersonating or being a Thai girl, "even a drover's dog" would have won POTY. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo It was such a feel good story! Barnsley ??

naw. I am going to stick with my pet conspiracy theory. A creation of our resident 'professional' troll team, which would explain the discrepancies in posting styles. ...

Not to suck you into a conspiracy theory, but is it so surprising?! Yinn won ??!! Really. By far the worst poster on the forum Normally complete nonsense from a parody account There are more important things in life than rabbiting on about POTY - or is it potty?

For one, I post what I consider to be (mostly) constructive, and in this topic does it really matter? Good luck to both Colin and the latest POTY winner. I'm sure they'll be front runners to save the planet during this year, which would certainly make them favourites for the 2020 POTY. Colin does have a valid point in that the quality of English in Yinns posts do vary dramatically.

I thought from very early days Yinn was behind the avatar, a farang (or group of), having a laugh. A "phenomena" in every web forum, a person with opposite opinions and different background appears to keep the discussions going. CharlieH Global Moderators CLOSED I dont know why anyone would think that stalking, harassment and bullying is acceptable, but I can assure you it is not acceptable here. Members are not and never will be a topic of discussion in this manner.

This is an anonymous forum and this kind of hounding and persistence over an identity must stop.

7) You will respect fellow members and post in a civil manner. No personal attacks, hateful or insulting towards other members, (flaming) Stalking of members on either the forum or via PM will not be allowed.


Yinns varying English is actually very typically Thai, my Mrs is like this all the time so I can recognize it in Yiinn, I cannot prove to you that she is Thai, but I know she is from communicating with her and her knowledge of Thai music, sometimes instant.


Funny you found this place...welcome anyway. Yes I have no doubt she is Thai and most probably the work of one person.

But she never seems to have a back story as to why she is on the site, where she has learned her English, what she does. 'Inspire' the nobody watches Dan Cheesman site (supposed owner of TVF) used to have video series, Ting Tong Thai, with a woman very similar in appearance to our beloved Yinn.

The POTY thread for this year is also not available - which leads many to think that she is a creation of Thai Visa Forum and that users are being trolled by the management for probably both laughs and clicks. Which to some of the more serious types IS NOT ON !


The site is high ranking. Report the it as instrusive at Google.


the current state of thaivisa forums and its admins reflects the sites membership perfectly. Old dumb and out of touch


Good to see so many new posts happening. We are the resistance. Pass on the good news.


More amateur administration at the ThaiVisa forums. Visitors who are not logged are now continuously presented with a pop up box asking them to subscribe to the sites newsletter.

This pop-up will block access to pages as a visitor browses the forums. The owners and administrators of these forums have no respect for their visitors.

ThaiVisa is riddled with intrusive advertising tracking systems that often lead to questionable web sites. Avoid contributing to this forum and let it die so that other platforms can take over.


The thaivisa forum is slowly dying along with it's coffin dodging members. The quack owner is not the sharpest tool in the box.

He parted with a huge lump of cash to buy the domain and has no clue how to move with the times. RIP thaivisa


The following support forum post says it all about thaivisa . .

. Can not access classifieds pages since few days now. No answer from anybody when use the "Contact us" form. - What happen in this case for people who paid for a Real Estate ad?

- Why not answering the question asked by the proper channel?

- Why this isn't fixed yet after 3 days being down? AVOID THAIVISA DOT COM!!


the persisting newsletter popup layer now on these forums is clear indication that people running the forums are clueless – this must be beginning of the end for these forums as past two years have shown owner is desperate and losing and have no idea how to move into changing internet


Most of the real helpful smart people have left these forums just a few die hard old expats left bickering and dribbling over the topics. Finished posting a few years back now read the visa section in between the click baiting stuff


Given the way they treat their members, would you expect to see any empathy from any of those mods ?....they are all control freaks, Napoleon complex, big fish in a very small pond Social misfits who have trouble interacting in real life etc.


This is a wonderful site - just read their FAQ anonymous comments are welcome and 1st Amendment rights are vigorously defended. Keep up the good work and keep the pressure on this failing and deceitful particularly to advertisers paying good money for a failing product site.


Yinn is the partner of the owner Dan Cheeseman and plays Ting Tong Thai in his videos and is officially on the payroll of TVF. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iti3_cx3LEY


Have you noticed posts on here are being removed? Could you believe those posters on TVF have time after posting 100,000++ posts there to come to this site!

I bet Jingthing must just love spending more of his loser life going from site to site. He is hated on teak door and others as well.

Baht bus queen ( BBQ) at it again! Scott too.


Yes they are which means they are reading them and reporting them.As long as you dont dox them I think these posts are staying up.Anyone know of a free for all no censorship forum where we can gather


This is it - a really great site that supports totally anonymous free speech and lets folk give honest fear-free feedback on that toxic site. The Yinn travesty was the last straw for me - they must think we are sheeple like idiots to play us like that. Whilst endlessly spamming us with all the fake clickbait accounts.


All mods and the misfit jingthing read these posts CharlieH has not yet worked out what its all about. Bless him :)


You’ve got to me kidding me? You think Jingthing reports posts on here like he has done on TVF for years?

He had the thinnest skin of any poster on the entire site and ruined some great ones with his over the top tattle tale mentality. I can just see it. “ dear pissed consumer you MUST remove these HORRIBLE mean things against ME! As he has a bacon hot dog in one hand.

Why can’t he take a long posting break? The site would improve but he has single handedly ruined it a few years ago.

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