Metisdead is beyond a *** and biased. He is a *** bag that now resorts to deleting posts secretively without comment.

If you have a missing post it is him. Just look at the screen and see if he is in the thread and when he leaves so do many posts. What a completely BS site that allows punks like him to run rampant on the site abusing posters and promoting his own issues.

Thaivisa really does suck and their constant changes recently show they have no clue what their real problem is. This site will continue to go down hill and lose advertisers and run into problems with authorities as long as they continue to abuse the people visiting the site.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Forum.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Get rid of Metisdead and change your racist ways.

Thai Visa Cons: Metisdead.

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If you want to help destroy what remains of TV/Aseannow, leave and check out Tiger Talk. Accelerate the TV mods decline into poverty. They deserve it.


Unfortunately Thaivisa's very own Walter Mitty Mitty - Led Lolly Yellow Lolly AKA NilSS has drifted into the Thaiger Talk forums. The IT consulting gun slinging rocket scientist and zillion acre resort manager is much more suited to the new ASEAN NOW forum where his tall stories can continue to impress the gullible leftovers.


The real reason the site has gone downhill and is now worthless is Scott. Scott suspends and then bans people for posting the truth. He can't handle the truth, especially about himself, but that goes into a subject best handled by psychiatrists and criminal investigators.


It says a lot as to how worthless the Thaivisa branding had become that aseannow was apparently the better option. The same marketing geniuses responsible for Lotus’s no doubt came up with AN and convinced them it was a good choice.


THAIVISA has change to ASEANNOW looks good no worries. Oh wait a minute, it still contains the same dead head members and moderation. Bummer.


The thaivisa owner has finally revealed his true colors by re-branding the site with the very amateur double letter domain name ASEANNOW. Again, more disrespect from this boiler room spiv by not announcing to its members before making the transfer.

Rumors say the thaivisa name will later emerge as a platform for paid visa services only.

The new site and its worthless domain name can be left to fester without any great loss when it finally fails. Anyone foolish enough to continue supporting this forum should seek professional help.


Move to Thaiger Talk forum it's the newest and fastest growing Thailand forum around. Not spammed to death with ads either.


Worthless is right. The mods are sticking with it dreaming of a high dollar sale and they have nowhere else to go anyway All are flat broke and facing poverty. What goes around comes around.


The rebrand which will decisively fail is there to keep the deluded mods on board to keep squeezing what little add revenue they can before it collapses.I'll stick my neck out here they have nowhere else to go and think they will cash out in a sale. They had a brief moment of insight when they all mushroomed a few weeks ago but the management have conned them that the rebrand will work and future treasure beckons.

They will of course get the same treatment as a large cohort of long time users. Culled ruthlessly when needed.

As if a new owner would need metisdead Scott and Rimmer , yeah right. Watch this space and join and post on Thaiger Talk it gets better everyday.


Thai visa is no more? Now becoming 'ASEAN Now'? There's a catchy title - not!


At last a decent alternative. Thaiger Talk is really taking off now , great users , light touch supportive mods and a look and feel similar to TVF so no excuses to stay there nay more get over to Thaiger Talk and help to make it grow.

To any of the mods (obviously not Scott,Rimmer or Metisdead - you can stay just where you are) why not jump ship and bring your considerable skills and knowledge to help make Thaiger Talk great. Has a good range of ages and genders so it's not the toxic sexpat place .

Sheryl you would be most welcome ... come on over !


The selective memory loss of certain board members and rewriting of history by others, they are are each others throats already. Way to go chaps, keep it up, best wishes from the peanut gallery. Thank you TVF mods for making it a better place to visit by sweeping out the trash, they can all go play in the sandbox now.


Walter Mitty Led Lolly Yellow Lolly aka NilSS the IT consulting gun slinging rocket scientist and zillion acre resort manager is back in full tall story mode


the guys a drama queen with a tall story for any situation. a read of his content reveals many holes.

forums are a magnet for those wishing to reinvent themselves below a cloud of failure or unimpressive existence. quite a few walter mitty types at thaivisa forums they stand out like dogs balls to the less gullible


Dead forum


Great forum now. S.


For bottom feeders


Who is the owner of tvf now? Why did The Nation sell it?


Another spiv with boiler room connections. The Nation never owned it


Jingthing is the owner now. Picked it up for a cool million bucks even.

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