Thaivisa suspends and bans anyone who they don't like. If you complain about a mod for targeting you because of your views then another mod will suspend or ban you within days.

Anything they Thaivisa.com doesn't like they will delete it as being "nonsense" even though "nonsense" doesn't fall under their rules.

Metisdead is the worst mod of all who appears to have no life at all except for harassing posters whose views he doesn't like. Thaivisa.com is extremely negative towards Thailand and will go after posters who try to defend Thailand.

I recommend readers email their sponsors and let them know they will never do business with them as long as they continue to support a thaivisa.com whose only purpose is yo bash Thais and Thailand for the profit of George (do you really know who he is) who runs the site.

Location: Bangkok, Krung Thep

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I get a kick out of reading all those postings from dumb brit *** who are taken for all their money by the thai ex-bar girls; brilliant


Did one of these 'Brit *** pop your Bar Girl missus a good one? You sure don't half bang on about them on every posting here.


Feel sorry for poor old Gordy. He was obviously ripped off by some bar girl and / or belted up by a Brit (who didn't hit him hard enough in my opinion)

Anyway he is just another boring troll who probably posts on TV every day.


I was a Thaivisa.com member but got sick of the arrogant, obnoxious mods who think they have power over you by deleting posts they don't agree with. The lowest form of life is one mod called Metisdead, he is a right *** who probably deleted 99% of the comments that I posted that were deleted by mods.

He suspended me once and I bet he went to bed with a big grin on his face that night. Hope he leads a miserable life, the little worm.


I have an argument with Thaivisa.com moderator. And instead of being polite they just suspended my post and account. I think all the admins and moderators are bunch of ***.


Thaivisa supports those people who have been unable to make a life in Thailand and are still miserable after running away from their home country because they were miserable.

Yes, Thaivisa sucks and only harms Thailand and its readers through constant negative views.

And yes, Metisdead is the worst of the bunch when it comes to folks without lives trying to boost their self esteem through being a volunteer mod and showing everyone they can be as uninformed as they want but still control the forum.


ThaiVisa Sucks and Metisdead is incredibly ignorant


I agree. Thai Visa is horrible and a big scam and the mods are all little Hitlers.


Never thought I'd be defending Hitler but Hitler ruled a nation and was behind a quite formidable military force.

Contrast this to thaivisa mods.

Imagine your child saying when he grows up he wants to be a thaivisa moderator.......... Ohhhh the horror

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