Totally idiotic Thailand forum with close to zero interesting topics. Mainly clickbait.

Poor moderation. Annoying commercials/adverts.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Bologna, Emilia-Romagna

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There is a topic on TVF today about the latest earthquake to strike Japan, killing 2 people and injuring 45.

One halfwit who goes by the nic of -neal david- commented :makes me wonder just how the army junta would cope if it hit bangkok .....more than likely they would blame farangs again ....one day ..... just one day it might happen..... :

Another example of anti government boiler room trolls who run amok on that dismal forum.


These days every topic, no matter what the subject, is over-run by thai hating trolls, many of which are either the same member posting under multiple nics, or the mods themselves.

You can tell by the writing style that they are written by the same person.

Desperation being shown by the people who run that cess pool.

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