Seems the new owners of Thaivisa are getting desparate, the increase in troll clickbait posts over the last few months are pathetic, i wonder how they pay these posters to post the rubbish they do

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Thaivisa services. *** to the rescue


"i wonder how they pay these posters to post the rubbish they do"

That's easy, most of the rubbish posts you see are planted by the mods themselves as bait posts, to attract arguments from other posters.

Some are very anti-Thai, and some are pro Thai, to the extreme.

Like this one today by "Winniedapu" -

"Thailand shows its true colours.

Despicable and corrupt to the core. Winnie" http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/920141-red-bull-heir-fails-to-appear-again-given-another-chance-again/?utm_source=newsletter-201605**-**13&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=news (Link is there for the benefit of anyone from the Thai government) Now correct me if I am wrong, but isn't there a forum rule which states - "You will not post slurs, degrading or overly negative comments directed towards Thailand, specific locations, Thai institutions such as the judicial or law enforcement system, Thai culture, Thai people or any other group on the basis of race, nationality, religion, gender or sexual orientation." What a joke ! Half the bloody posts on that forum break that law. Hypocritical *** the lot of them.


The allegations that people are paid to post are unfounded. There are plenty of uneducated, marginal, males who are addicted to posting at TVF.

The organization was exposed by Andrew Drummond and many of its sordid activities highlighted. It serves the needs of its sexpat abd criminal audience, none of whom need any incentive to post.


Tell me why there are posters like "tbthailand" who only ever posts on political topics and does nothing but run down the current government while defending the actions of the Shinawatras and the Redshirts ?

I have never seen him comment on any other type of topic, only those related to the government.

He is a perfect example of paid to post boilerroom propaganda spreading ***.

Your comment was almost right but should have read "some of whom need any incentive to post".

Most of the posters are brain dead ***/trolls with nothing better to do with their miserable pathetic lives. Some are similar, but mods masquerading as trolls.

And some work for Robert Amsterdam.


Why would anyone say that the allegations that people are paid to post are unfounded, unless they work for TVF or are actually one of those who are paid to post ?

Who else would make a statement like that ?

I would say that his comment could be classed as unfounded as well.

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