Moderators are rude and the sad pathetic members of the forum who have nothing better to do with their lives then just post hate on everything.

i went on genuinely looking for help and received a barrage of hate from members calling em everything from "digital nomad" and that i should "*** off"

The moderators edit your posts and then ban you for pointing this out when other members ask why the post makes no sense.

Honestly just avoid it a rubbish site full of rubbish people and is just the biggest collection of loser trolls i have ever witnessed. AVOID

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Bangkok, Krung Thep

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He is spot on.Doesn't mention that one of their star moderators ubonjoe is an absolute idiot lacking any sense of humour.


Waste of time. Thaivisa sucks.


The site has no interest in attracting the intelligent expat and tourist community. They are content with making a site for old drunken racists to gather. Somehow they either like this type of site and user or they are too *** to realize that the number of people who ignore the site and refuse to become members far exceeds that of its Thailand hate filled members.



Few of the Thai Visa members are 'expats' per se.

Most are long stayers, TEFL clowns, 'digital pikeys' or retirees with *** wives living in some greasy shack in Isaan scraping by on 30-40K a month, bitter with envy at those who can still enjoy life, the bars in Thailand and get well paid. No wonder they are angry at or blame Thailand for their mistakes....


I joined about 13 years ago, when it wasn’t so bad. About 8 years ago I actually served as a moderator for about six months—until the toxic attitudes of “us vs.

them” against the rank-and-file members got to me. Plus, the then megalomaniac owner treated his moderators like crap, when they were simply doing it as volunteers for him as he raked in the big bucks. Like the OP mentioned here, finally the typical poster demographic took an attitudinal nose dive. The problems described earlier are compounded by frequent draconian moderation (“Scott” is the worst).

I even got a 3-month ban for a very mild criticism of Thai Visa—the administration has a very thin skin. I haven’t logged in for several years now. In contrast, over the last couple of years, I’ve found some pretty nice Thailand expat FB groups where level-headed administrators good-naturedly enforce civility and an upbeat attitude.

Complainers are hounded away. There’s hope online after all in Thailand.

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