Moderator Charlie H is a complete ***. If he was ever able to get away from his computer long enough i would knock his sorry *** out.

The new owers of Thai Visa really need to have a closer look at the type of people they are allowing to moderate their forum.

Location: Bangkok, Krung Thep

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Just another victim, crying a river of tears. Boo hoo.


"Just another victim, crying a river of tears. Boo hoo."

Is that you Charlie ?

I notice a lot of the comments posted on here by you and the other mods, attacking anyone who dares to complain about you, are being removed.

Even this very page, the other day there was a post attacking Jock and I notice it is now gone. ha ha !

You see this site is for pissed consumers to complain about people like you, not a forum where you make the rules and get away with murder.

I like the mods on this site, compared to thai visa.com they are great lol and the best thing about this site is we can flame the heck out of shiteheads like that tool Metishead and you can't do a thing about it ha ha ha


No, it's not Charlie or the Duckman. Again, you demonstrate that you and your lot are so insanely obsessed with Thai Visa Mods, you actually think they would bother to come here?

You are only the center of the universe in your tiny little world, mate. Nobody else cares. Just ask your wife. If she's honest, she'll tell you the same thing.


No, mate, I'm sure the Mods at TV are glad you are here, or anywhere else for that matter, instead of on the support thread moaning about this or that, or why you can't "unsubscribe" completely. Funny, one of your lot got cornered by a mod about that in the Support forum. Make a decision, A or B.

Decide now! Sorry old Casper wimped out like the bluffing Nancy boy he is, kept his account and scurried away with this tail between his legs. Hilarious!

I agree though.

A site dedicated to *** and moaning is perfect for you and your anal retentive mates. But, I'm sure you're on ThaiVisa every single day anyway.

You just can't help yourselves.


"you actually think they would bother to come here? You are only the center of the universe in your tiny little world, mate.

Nobody else cares."

Ah my special needs friend, but you do, as you've taken to troll through many of these posts.

If Calrsberg did irony, you'd probably fall off your barstool after consuming to much of it.

You care enough to keep coming here, and playing tit for tat, as you closed

"You just can't help yourself either"


That's right, Jocko, I'm here, same as you, but not for the same reason, obviously. Thing is, you thrive on negativity and gnashing of teeth same as the other TVF rejects that wind up here, at the bottom of the barrel.

I'm just visiting and you love that I do because, as I said, nobody else will talk to you. Including your wife, if you've got one, don't know how she can stand it.


Yes anonymous, you're only here to troll, oddly enough my wife does love to talk to me, as do many others, it's probably your wife that can't stand you, you're probably one of those geriatric losers who lives in Nakhon Nowhere, and live on your pension, propping up your regular barstool in your vest and *** stained shorts, wondering why your wife keeps coming home later at night, often not at all, and becuase you've sunk everything into Living here, you're the loser in life, just a sad miserable old man, who trolls forums all day..


Quite the contrary to the boring old stereotype. You must of strained all 2 of your brain cells smashing that one out on your keyboard.

Anyway, welcome to your new website.

Have fun here rolling around with all the other losers with self-inflicted gun shot wounds.


Intentionally contravening TVF rules isn't brave or some half-baked protest of your superior moral standing. It's the act of a ***.

And like all the other below average *** you get suspended or banned, and wind up here in a pathetic circle *** pity party, comparing notes and feeding off each other.

But hey, you showed them, right? You sure did. Woo Hoo!

And now here you are in the Winner's Circle. Cause you're a real Winner.




He's from down under and is a lifelong hater of Americans. From his mod position at a Thailand forum he gets to realise his wet dreams about screwing Americans. Metisadeadhead is a predator in a warden's position.


Who attacks critics of ThaVisa which is a website entirely deserving of critiques and criticisms? There are two major critiques of TV: 1) there are a swarm of fahlang posters who bash Thais and Thailand while the mods eat it up and 2) that the mods are awful people across the board.

People who respect and have a deep affinity to Thailand continually and long term call on TV in the person of their mods to moderate the criticism.

People who see the mods in action daily and in general, and who are directly impacted by the mod's personal prejudice, personal reactions, personal politics, personal cultural deficits, rightfully call the unrestrained mods to account -- especially at a website such as this one.

Mods invading this website for consumers and critics of their failures show the mods' native aggression, hostility to being restrained or called to account, and their determination to try to discredit the people they cheerfully abuse. Rather than the mods visiting here to take notes so they can have self-improvement seminars back at their perch, the mods come here to attack yet some more. Mods are simply unrepentant and unrestrained.

ThaiVisa mods charging into here demonstrate the age-old truism that absolute power corrupts absolutely. ThaiVisa mods are ethically and personally corrupt and challenged and loving it.

@Josaiah Ieu

Wow, that was a novel. But you fail because I'm NOT a TVF Mod.

Never have been and never will be. So quit your whining and get a life.


All of them are, there isn't a decent one among st them, but that thundercunt Metisdead is the biggest one of all!!

The whole place is a Thai bash central, with so many farangs who seem to hate the country, and yet moan, *** and whine about stuff beyond their control, miserable old fools most of them


My understanding is all the moderators on Thai Visa are all old foreign *** men, who have become so bitter and twisted as they cant get young Thai males as boy friends any more


Text book projection. LOL.


Quack Quack Alan


This is getting better all the time. This website is being flooded with troll mods from Thaivisa.***, trolling themselves ***, and the funny thing is they are not making a cracker out of the clicks !

Someone else is !


Maybe daring dan cheeseburger should have bought shares in this site, I bet it's more successful than his shitehouse poor excuse for a forum.


Mods are former posters who were career trolls at TV forums so they naturally got promoted to be mod trolls. As mod trolls they continue their trolling but they do it behind the scenes. Add also in emails announcing a suspension or in PMs, the now mod trolls continue to work with the old generation of falhang trolls they used to coordinate with when they too were ordinary right wing troll posters.

A mod is a former troll poster who got promoted to be a troll mod.

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