Thaivisa.com is a farang website, officially promoting hate of Thai culture, government, military and police.

Someone should take care of this to be closed since it is defaming Thailand and its people.

Location: Bangkok, Krung Thep

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No doubt some people get angry about things in Thailand but often there are some real reasons for that anger. Right now for one thing Thailand is under dictator that jails people for any criticism and jsils people for decades for insulting the Thai royals.

Many are upset about this and tension is rising. The military is abusive and wrong. Xenophobia against foreigners is on the rise due to junta supporters and military propaganda.

Maybe the problem is also one of the military regime in power too. Oncevthe generals leave or are removed Thailand will come back to the people and reality.

@Shubh Lxm

Yet another propaganda spreading troll who usually infests that rotten TVF site. No wonder they are so disliked. *** !

@Shubh Lxm

He's not telling the truth, must be a moderator.

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