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A website managed by category one *** who allowed a troll to sign up as Dan Cheeseman. Dan Cheeseman is the ultimate owner of Thaivisa.

The troll bypassed all simplistic security checks and had mods such as Ubonjoe confirming he was the real deal. Embarrassing.

Almost as embarassing as the members who replied to the troll in good faith, and even wrote resignation letters. Laughable.

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The character mentioned who just loved and still loves the dancing boys of Afghanistan is the H R manager at at one of Thailand's Chinese owned Catholic Schools, where of course he still has access to young boys.

The *** is like all the Thai Visa mods perverted, all working illegally.


Yes, that was an amazing thing to see unfold before me, the funniest thing that I can remember in almost a decade of posting there, before I banned of course.

I have moved on and my name will be forgotten, but this Dan Cheeseman thing will live forever.


Hi Metisdead! Doing OK?

Now stick your warning and suspension up your fat ***. Cheers!


The moderators on Thai Visa are all retards who no doubt all hold hands and dix and have an *** when they delete a post and a a full circle is formed to enable full anal entry in their rites of action when banning a poster.

Look at the record of the mods.

*** stalkers(justwannateach),Full blown sadistic killers (Kata Beach ***) A slef confessed Zionish child lover who works at a well known E P school group here in Thailand, oh manna from heaven for a *** and all scot free too, metisded a retired senile sadist.One could not find a better collection of social misfits anywhere else in the world


Katabeachbum was a valued member of our moderating team. A simple domestic misunderstanding resulted in his partner residing in his basement for three years in a state of deadness. He has now been released after serving 14.3% of his sentence and is entitled to be left alone to get on with his life.


As for 'fair' moderation, since a few week we can order that under 'alternative facts'


We at Thaivisa pride ourselves on our fair moderation. The website is under constant troll and criminal attacks.

The very existence of the website depends on the good will of members to report abuse and criminal activity.

In this case, it was a mistake on the part of the mod team, with one mod later noting it was a clever troll. We apologize for getting this wrong, and appeal to our members to assist us in moderating the forum.

@Modene Crr

Fair moderation LOL what a joke, every mod on there has their own agenda, and biases, and frankly speaking your the worst of the lot of them, a failed Aussie copper who wouldnt know fair if it slapped them in the face

@Modene Crr

Stop taking the medication thay you should't be taking and start taking the medication you should be taking, then you might be able to discern what the truth is in your sordid little world and twisted mind(s)

@Modene Crr

Pull your *** head in Penishead! You are the main reason we are in this deep doo-doo, you and your numbskull sidekick Snotty.

Should have done what I was advised to do when I first took over that *** forum and sacked the pair of you, along with that imbecile Ubonjoe. I may as well have that fat freak from Pattaya, the baht bus queen moderating the forum.


Is that jinglequeen really a fat pig? She gets all bent out of shape when you refer to someone as a lard butt or over weight or something.

Goes off on how " body shaming" is so awful. Must be a big obese ugly queen that no one is attracted to even the pay boy lady boys.

Could you imagine having something like 800000 posts on some forum?? Must really be a blubber ball.


Ha Ha, the troll mods of Thai Visa, trolled...so very funny, what a group of imbeciles they really, not knowing the difference between the real boss and a troll, and even confirming the troll poster was the real boss...idiots

If i was the boss of Thai Visa i would be sacking a few of those mods for being idiots,


It's worse. Forum admin Scott and other mods were all over the thread.

You would have thought that admin would have spotted someone was impersonating the CEO. Forum members pointed out it was a troll and were closed down by the mods.

One member pointed out that you'd expect the owner of Thaivisa to be automatically included in the mod or admin team. Dan Cheeseman needs to intervene in this failing forum as the people he trusts to run it are idiots beaten by a troll that used a Thaivisa avatar.


OK, I am the real Dan Cheeseman. I am appalled at what happened on my forum, the pinnacle of all forums, the jewel of the Nile, the Mt Everest of online chat and prattle.

I have a list of names on my hit-list, Penishead, Snotty and that useless pos Ubonjoe.

Anyone want to add to that list ? Go right ahead, because I am in the firing mood and when the Cheeseman gets hot under the collar, well cheese runs everywhere.


Scott needs firing as he is a liberal bigot


Sack that hypocrite Craig aka Moderator01.


There is no need to talk about my good friend like that.

While he may be slimy enough to moderate threads he is also taking part in you must realise it is for the betterment of our readers understanding of Thailand and the Thaivisa model.

Any more of this and I will find you and disable your spacebar!


Just read on another Thai related forum, this same moderator from Thaivisa admitting who he is then making threats of legal action against this other Thai forum, just show how low the moderators will go, he also admitted work permit for Thailand and boasted they would never get caught.

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