Where Thai Visa really gets bizarre is when the offshoot clones banned from Thai Visa start their own anti Semitic and anti everything not British site such as "Big Mango.Unable to entertain intelligent discourse and any mention of Britain not prefaced with GREAT is immediately labeled as treasonous heresy and the heavy handed mods taking their cue from TV's weirder than weird - ban and suspend any person who has the temerity to oppose their odd view of Empire and totalitarian censorship.

So if you have always wondered about, “The Zionist Jewish Role In Causing World War II” or how to properly celebrate Empire day” the site for banned TV members, “Big Mango” is for you.

And if you thought the moderation was horrid at TV you will be even more entertained by banned Chavs doing their own version of the Glaswegian mod duck dance at Big Mango.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Based on your comments i went to go and look at the Big Mango and completely disagree with your observations, your comments appear just to be sour grapes for some reason

The big mango forum looks like a lighted hearted Thai website, with some very funny and insightful posts, if your accusations are true about the member of this forum are ex banned members from Thai Visa, then the members of Big Mango must be the more intelligent, better educated ex members of Thaivisa, as the posters on Big Mango dont appear tobe the normal, Thai hating, racist, bile filled coffin dodgers and pikeys one finds on Thai Visa based on the remarks they make


Anyone who says that the Big Mango forum was started by Thaivisa rejects is either one of the few trolls who has joined the BM and been banned (does not seem to attract trolls like the other sites and the ones that do join (like Jeff) are quickly removed)

or a TVF mod who has it in for BM, or some twit who was dropped on his head when a baby.

The BM is indeed made up of a lot of ex-TVF members, the better ones who were banned because they did not fit in the evil agenda over there and did not tolerate trolls and Shin propaganda spreaders.

The BM is a great forum, one where posters can speak their mind without fear of having their comments removed by Nazi mods.


Weird post. Must have been written by one of the bitter, overstaying, skint digital pikies from their grindhouse on Soi Ladyboy *** or the former 'pal' who went mental in the early days of Big Mango forum and got the boot.....


I'm not banned from Thai Visa and have no idea what the person who posted this review about BigMango Forum is ranting on about, particularly with regard to Zionist and World War II. I wonder if they've mixed up their forums LOL

I have to say I enjoy BigMango Forum and find it a refreshing change.

It's a small but growing and friendly community. More like Thai Visa used to be many years back. Light-hearted. Friendly.


As for intelligent discourse my guess would be that the reviewer struggles with that, so probably wouldn't recognise it if they saw it.

Among the light hearted and humour there are areas of the forum like the money an business board, and some of the other sections which have "intelligent discourse"

Worth checking out. But yes it does attract the odd weirdo as the reviewer above personifies LOL


Fletch :)


This report has all the hallmarks of a ''gentleman'' who was recently removed from the forum due to his rampant rabid racist views, he perhaps would be well advised to recall he was also removed from Thai Visa site for the same reasons and a couple of other sites here in Thailand. Clearly, Mentally, Kinked.


"Clearly, Mentally, Kinked" ! lol lol lol lol lol lol !


Please remove the above comment which is a troll post that has nothing to do with complaints about TVF.


Sounds like someone has been banned from more than one or two forums (at least) in Thailand, and now wishes to bad mouth those who have a diifernet version of histoy from that promulgated by various other sites.

Some have the option to view Al Jazzera, Russia Today, or even CCTV, if you are stuck with Red Neck News you view of history may well be obscured.

I am surprised to see the use of the word Zionist, doesnt that equate to Facist or Nazi?

Perhaps we should address the question to the people from THE OCCUPIED TERROTRIES?



Please-seek-help !


"Please remove the above comment which is a troll post that has nothing to do with complaints about TVF."

^ (Meaning the original review, not the comment in answer to it.)


What? Delete a review but leave the defending comments?

That's hilarious, and more than just a little detached from reality. Must be how things are done over at Big Mango, which sounds like it's going the way of Thai Visa already. Honestly, if you can't manage a bloody anonymous account with TVF, and shuffle off to start a more utopian one, well mates, it won't be long till that little group is at each others' throats.

This is the lot with an ignore list as long as their arm. Might as well just form a email group, and put all this web site forum drama and stress behind you.

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