Shocked to see a Thaivisa mod, log onto another Thai related forum, state who he is and the proceeded to make legal threats against the forum and even admit they do no have work permits for what they are doing in Thailand Really shows what nasty pieces of work Thai visa moderators really are

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I agree. There are one or two moderators on Thaivisa that are damaging the forum.

Scott seems to be bent on a one man crusade to ban members and delete posts for no other reason than he enjoys it.

Power has gone to his head.

He bans people with rules he makes up himself that have no bearing on the forum etiquette guide.

Thaivisa should look very closely at his attitude. he has a problem.


You should stopping picking on my boyfriend and fellow Zionist Scott, everytime i complain because someone tries to debate with me and stating facts, Scott will remove any posts i disagree with and will suspend and ban people on my say so

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