got banned today

reason...abusive behavior????

details....none given

i rarely post on this site because of the heavy handednesd if the mids and the fact that they target my post.

TV cant handle post that state the truth...especially about their site. They are whiny *** immature keyboard enslaved babies who believe they are all powerful ruling the cyber world in their tiny ignorant brains

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Bangkok, Krung Thep

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You were banned because you were abusive and a bully. Deal with it.


"You were banned because you were abusive and a bully. Deal with it." = Posted by Andrew Metisdead !


Your post is proof of his post.

You go so far as to follow people online hahah what a loser

@Dalisha Uxa

That was mentioned for Andrew sorry on a phone right now.


Andrew, in case you have not noticed this site is about consumer complaints, or in this case forum member complaints. It is not a platform for YVF mods to attack people who are here to lodge complaints. So go back to your seedy little boilerroom and continue harassing people and removing their posts, even suspending them and banning them you pathetic little creature !


You were banned because blah blah blah ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

He was banned because the imbeciles who moderate that poor excuse for a forum act like power crazy dictators and ban anyone who do not lick their boots.

Look how many complaints are posted on this website, the majority are about the mods themselves, secondly the racist comments posted on there every day. Disgusting place with vile mods.


Andrew, the trashy mods are the ones who are abusive and bullies. Plus between you there is a criminal history Baby Faced Nelson would have been proud of. Crawl back into your troll hole.


Although I was banned last year tvf stills sends me two or three emails every day. Funny thing is when I click on a link to a story using Firefox a message pops up telling me I am not allowed to read the story, probably because I had been banned. What is the point of sending me these emails every day if I am barred from opening the links ? It is so they can count me as a member to add to their members list. A very sneaky way of padding their member's list to make it look bigger than it really is. The sneaky dogs should be charged with fraud.

Another thing is when I use Google Chrome I can open the links they insist on sending me and every day it is exactly-the-same-as-the-day-before.

The same idiotic and boring *** making their *** comments about Thailand and how bad it is and how dishonest the Thai people are.

I am sure a lot of these posts are made by the mods, under assumed names, as 80% of the Thai bashing comments sound like they were made by the same ***. The rest are just pathetic trolls who don't have lives worth living.


I concur with the theory of posts being made by ThaiVisa staff to generate a Thai bashing frenzy, that's guaranteed to generate clicks and revenue, I pity the poor advertisers who are led to believe ThaiVisa has a very large membership, in fact they don't delete the banned members from their membership numbers, and the majority of posts are made by a small group of old men who are terribly unhappy in Thailand and therefore couldn't care less about what's on offer in the Ads.


You know what is funny Brian ? The staff from ThaiVisa have discovered this website (not surprising really, if you enter "thaivisa forum" into Google then Pissed Consumer is the second listing) and now they are trolling this site.

Doing exactly what people are complaining about on this site ! But the good thing is ex-members can flame them on here without fear of being banned.

You are right about their bogus membership numbers, they are a fraud, the majority of their so called members are not allowed to post on the forum because they have been banned. Wonder if the new owners know about this ?

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