Suspended for almost 2 weeks for using the word libtard had no idea not allowed. Probably describes a lot of the mods but it was about the US election. Think I will give the libtard forum and the anal, in more ways than one mods, a miss.

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A lot of the problems originate with a member known as Jingthing. This old, broken down, morbidly obese excuse for a human being is dirt poor and has been in a state of depression since Trump one.

He is looking to move back to the United States, despite Trump being president. He is a bosom buddy of butt boy Scott and has started a thread to find out if there is any way he can afford to move back to the US.

He can't. So Thailand is stuck with this miserable POS for the time being.


Yup on election night they hammering away at Trump. I was the only one sticking up for him.

The libs were very insulting. I started throwing it back but Scott ban me for trolling and insulting members.I got banned for 3 day's and then had to apologize for my behavior which was the same as the libs.


Scott is a true Libtard. How he ever got to be Administrator is beyond me.

He shouldn't even be a moderator as he is so biassed. Wouldn't surprise me if he was from California and went to Berkley.

I've been a member for over 14 years but don't go there any more. Not much point if you have to watch what you say in case it is slightly to the right of Hillary Clinton.

After the recent ad-blocker problem, the real Dan Cheeseman (so he claimed) made one post in Forum Support trying to justify the problem as an attempt to get more advertising revenue. Some on here say it wasn't the real Dan (the owner).

I have no idea if he is the real one, but I remembered the name and Googled it because I wanted to email him. That's how I found this site today - I didn't know it existed.

So what I want to say to Dan is quite simply, ditch that Libtard Scott, get a real Administrator (one that does not think he is God) and allow some right wing members to become mods so there is a balanced viewpoint.

At the moment it is utterly left wing, and full of LGBTQ types.

If you want it to succeed, you know what you have to do. If you don't, then carry on with your biassed, bigoted moderators and admin, watch your advertisers leave and your income decrease.

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