The TV forum is an outlet for paidtopost propaganda artists who attack anyone who does not wear red, or whose name does not begin with Shin.Here is an example, this obvious boilerroom worker who posts as tbthailand has never commented on any other topic other than the ones that deal with Thai politics, namely the military government, the Shinawatras and their terrorist wing the Redshirts.

"300 and some million pales in comparison to the unusual wealth of a certain General-***-self-appointed-PM....The gullible are taken in by this attack on corruption. There is so much corruption in Thailand, you could throw a stone in Siam Paragon and it will hit some corrupt hiso.So when the generals take over the country, everyone else needs to understand that it is pay-back time."

Even though it is forbidden to post comments that attack the Military Government this poster has been getting away with it for years.Another case of the mods turning a blind eye to someone breaking forum rules, because the mods agree with the statement.

Reason of review: Mods.

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The trolls are those who sing the praises of the brutal military dictatorship. What part of military dictatorship and suspension of civil rights including havbeas corpus do you not understand?


Nobody sings the praises of any brutal military dictatorship you ***, that is all in your tiny little mind.

Show me any comment like that and post a link to that page, I won't be holding my breath waiting for it.

The people who run the Shins and their terrorist wing down are labeled junta fans just so you troll *** and the propaganda spreaders have got someone to attack.

It is imbeciles like you, with the help of the Nazi mods who have brought that forum down to it's current low level.


in your dreams, you have sycophants like Smedly, Halloween, Roblok, Scorecard, who keep using the phrase "lesser of the two evils" and who have been very vociferous in their support of the junta, due to their anti red stance.

Makes me wonder why they keep living here, considering the Reds are STILL the majority, and a very suppressed one at that.


So which one of the resident TVF trolls are you ? MZurf ?

EricLoh ? LannaGuy ? tbthailand ? Or maybe the famous red propaganda expert heybruce, who posted this anti-Democrat rubbish today -

"The Democrats (anti-Democrats, the party that opposes elections) are in a quandary.

They are upset because they expected to be appointed to power by the military and weren't. However they don't want to annoy the military and risk never being appointed to power again.

Doing the groundwork and developing mass appeal to win an election isn't an option for them. Their patron's expect them to be the party of the elite minority, not the masses."


This is the classic example of the red flavored boiler-room propaganda that TVF allows to be published on their rotten forum. All the members who stand up to these red trolls are banned and the trolls are allowed to run amok.

I report anti Government comments to the authorities every day and will continue to do so until that site is shut down.

I give them names, dates and links to every page these red comments are posted on. Every day !


Amazing ! TVF red trolls are running amok on a site dedicated to complaints about TVF.

The trolls are one of the main reasons people are complaining about that forum and they are on hear supporting our reasons for complaining !

Well done red trolls. You would not have half a brain to share between the lot of you !


"The trolls are those who sing the praises of the brutal military dictatorship" says the TVF troll. You must not have much between your ears because the reason most of the 41 complaints on this site regarding TVF are even on here is because of the Nazi-like mods and the blatant trolls and propaganda spreaders like you.

Go back to your troll forum and spread your lies there, troll.


This is comedy now, as the op concerns red propaganda on TV forum and there are people posting the very stuff on this website. All they are doing is strengthening the op's argument and the comment posted looks like it was copied and pasted from TVF.

Very funny indeed !


Well how do you explain the wealth of Pryuth? He sure has a lot of money for a civil servant.


"Well how do you explain the wealth of Pryuth? He sure has a lot of money for a civil servant."

tbthailand ?

Is that you ?

lol !

There is your typical anal comment from your typical TVF troll/ boiler room worker who uses that platform to slag off at the junta at every opportunity. That forum is full of trash like that and will one day be their downfall.


You didn't answer his question about Pryuth's wealth, you know that you can't answer it without admitting Pryuth is as corrupt as any Shin following minister.

The Army is there for one reason, to protect the elite few who have all the wealth in Thailand, these few know of the Generals corruption and could do something to stop it, but they won't, they can't afford to be left without protection.

Pryuth is allowed crumbs from the table as a payment for loyalty to the elite whom he protects from the poor masses.


JJ, I think you are on the wrong site. Classic boiler room propaganda like yours should be on tvf !

This site is pissedconsumer.com, nobody here has to defend the junta, least of all me. i pointed out one of the many reasons people are pissed off with tvf, because it is a platform for trolls like yourself who are probably paid by Robert Amsterdam to write that ***. I could not care less about how bent any Thai politician is, it is none of my business and like you I don't have the right to vote for or against them. Keep your propaganda on tvf where it is welcomed, not on this site.

What name do you post under on tvf ?

Would not be tbthailand would it ? I can smell his rubbish a mile away.


@ JJ How much are the Shin clan paying you to write that dribble ? lol


Go back to thaivisa and do your trolling there, slandering anyone and anything that goes against the reds and the Shinawatras.

You are nothing but a paid to post troll !

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