Some of the mods on Thai visa are excellent, but some of the most prolific take a dislike to a poster and keep on hounding them for the smallest imagined infractions whilst allowing their favorites to get away with exactly the same words.

One particularly vicious American member of the editing staff has such a limited knowledge of real English he is unable to distinguish satire, irony and humour from insults.

The same mod frequently post stories that he knows will provoke strong feelings amongst posters and some extraordinarily nasty characters are allowed to post very ugly comments on issues like animal cruelty.

bans are instituted in a totally arbitrary fashion and long term "old hands" can get away with anything.

Now a rubbish site that seems to be controlled by the same nasty political influences that control the worst and least readable of Thailand's two main newspapers - the Nation.

For this reason quotes from the Bangkok Post are banned and comments on the politicians behind the Nation are not encouraged.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Thai Visa Cons: Moderation.

Location: Dhaka, Dhaka

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I doubt he is American he didn't know vet as in vetting someone. I posted Trump wants to vet people from certain countries more. I got suspended because they thought I was referring to veterans.

Hahah ***


I totally agree. I have been suspended for the second time in two weeks for an infraction that I have seen a hundred times by others.

They receive no penalties. While I agree, I am quite a conservative individual, I hold no malice toward those with more liberal ideas. I may not agree with them, but I don't want them to be penalized for stating their beliefs either. I will no longer be a participant in any future discussions or debates on Thai Visa.

In my humble opinion, it is teetering on the cusp of communism. One's ideas are suppose to be that of the moderators not their own.


It's not teetering anymore.

All they need to do is change the logo to the rainbow colors


join facebook group about Thaivisa mods https://www.facebook.com/groups/967062****92591/


Not only are they biased but they bend the rules depending on the poster.

For a long time there has been a strict rule regarding referring to the current government as a dictatorship, or calling the PM a dictator.

This comment was posted today at 12.36pm by WhizBang and was still there at 3.55pm - "Absolutely right, the situitation in Thailand is not normal. We are living under a self-imposed military dictatorship. That, for sure, is not normal."


Another anti government comment reported to the "dictator", he will get sick of seeing posts like this soon and will react, and I can't wait !


Fearful of the Junta blocking his site, George had his moderators on a banning/censoring spree.

They banned so many that the site actually dried up so he hired friends to post all day to drive the site until the sale of his struggling website.

The new owner must have noticed the site went dead after George sold and stopped paying friends to post.

Andrew Drummond has plenty of revelations lately on his blog.



It's back to trashing the government again.

All I can say is if your opinion differs it is suspension time.


As far as forums goes, it is a *** hole. Very unscrupulous business practices and mods who allow some posters to break the rules (because these comments attract clicks) while censoring others.

A disgusting forum moderated by disgusting, lowlife mods.

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