The new owners are fully aware of what goes on there, they're actively promoting it by encouraging "clickbait" articles, and allowing these articles to be published.

*** mend anyone who calls a thread click bait, Metisdead will suspend you for calling it a question on moderation. He fails to acknowledge the meaning of the term click bait, and when that's highlighted, he adds to your suspension.

As long as there's revenue being generated the new owners are very much like the old ones, new brooms are supposed to sweep clean, except they kept all their contentious moderators are they're part and parcel of Thai Visa.

The sooner the plug gets pulled, the better everyone would be in that toxic arena, where Thai bashing and stereotyping are daily and the norm.

Location: Bangkok, Krung Thep

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I wonder if Mr Cheeseman was aware how unpopular that cesspit was when he signed on the dotted line ?

Don't believe the figures they publish about the membership numbers - IT IS A LIE ! - They are guilty of fraud and should be charged.

They lie to the poor schmuks who advertise on their site to get more money out of them.

Most of their so-called members are either long ago banned, or never existed. The mods create new members every day and post under various phantom names.


Yes I was banned years ago, but the account name is still active, it doesn't show me as being banned.

Thaivisa's previous owner was a well known one time Visa agent ( Crook) years ago in Bangkok, he done well for himself with the Forum, but the advertisers are being deceived for sure.

No different to how the new owners were deceived.

Although I can't see how they'll survive with the constant Thai Bashing, and it's gotten worse, with cheery picked click bait topics chosen for a purpose, the abuse of Thai people and Thailand has increased, eventually someone will ban the site in Thailand, then it's finished, I'm amazed they haven't been banned years ago


Well done, you are an esteemed member of the 1% club of those unable to even hold down a relationship with an anonymous forum, forced into obscurity, still spitting nails about it years after.


oh look, a Thai visa moderator, come out from under his rock.

Yes anonymous here is like Thai Visa, totally insignificunt.

do everyone a favour go and throw yourself off a roof Metisdead.


Another reject's wishful thinking that The Big Bad TV Mods are stalking them on this site. Really?

Listen up you daft cow because you obviously do not understand that getting sacked from TV means the Mods were sick of your nonsense, and over the moon that you're no longer there.

They dam_n sure wouldn't want to subject themselves to you, or any of the other undesirables here in the moaning echo chamber.

Try to get your head round that, mate.


And yet here you are the anonymous Thai Visa shill, who hasn't a clue why people were banned, some banned for questioning moderation methods, and some banned for using words like click bait.

It's you that needs to get your head around the fact many people who were banned are actually happy they don't have to be part of a geriatric clique anymore.

The mods do stalk here, they are fighting to keep Thai Visa alive, as its popularity is dropping, what was once a great place with a plethora of information and knowledge has become a bitter and nasty place where people are turning on each other and reporting others because of differing opinions.


noun: shill; plural noun: shills

1. an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.

Nope, I'm not one of those.

I'm not encouraging or enticing anything. I'm just here having a laugh watching you lot roll around in your self-inflicted misery, squawking like scorned women at the sewing circle, reinforcing each other with tales of the horrific Thai bashing you were forced to endure, and the evil mods who gave you a good smack on the knuckles. The tone and tenor of the comments here, laced with foul language is, no doubt, representative of our posts on TVF, and so I've got no doubt you lot earned every holiday. You'll never admit that.

You can't even admit it to yourselves. It's always somebody else at fault.

Pretty sad considering your ages. My 20 something nephews are more mature and responsible for their actions than you sorry lot.


Do your 20 something nephews also troll anti Thai visa sites?

Yes, you're maturity is questionable.


No, but if I shared this site with them, no doubt they would suss you lot out quickly. You lack self-reflection and personal responsibility for your actions.

Hallmarks of an immature, socially ill-adjusted person. I don't expect you will ever get your head round that, which is just another example of the aforementioned personality defect you suffer from.


scott, it did not work.

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