There is a news story on TVF today about a Thai Airways flight that struck turbulence between Jakarta and Bangkok and resulted in 6 passengers and crew being injured (1 passenger, 5 crew)

This comment by a brain dead retard who goes by the name recycler is a good example of comments being posted with the aim of attracting more comments, meaning more clicks -

"Fair weather pilots trained in Thailand have very little experience with rough weather conditions."

Would not be a bit surprised if this troll is one of the mods as every comment this *** posta is anti-Thai in some way.

Reason of review: Trolls.

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For pete's sake, quit yer whining. It's the internet.

An anonymous forum.

You should take your own advice and quit spending so much time and effort whining like a little ***.


I guess you've been missing the posts about the questionable qualifications of Thai pilots across their entire aviation as they've not been keeping records of training, and are full of bad practices, and false records that the ICOA red flagged them?

Not all pilots are bad, some are outstanding, but there's quite a few who shouldn't be pilots as they are not up to date with procedures etc.


I guess you don't understand that I could not care less what the Thai hating troll/mods publish on that poxy forum, it is all bs, designed to attract Thai hatin *** with nothing better to do with their miserable lives.

I agree with what you say about the standards of pilots, but that is not what the op is about, was nothing to do with that - it's pointing out the fact that there are posters on that forum who post nothing but anti-Thai comments and I firmly believe that 50% of them are brain dead troll *** and the rest are posted by TV mods themselves. If you read enough of them you can tell a lot of them are written by the same person.

I did not think the standards of that forum could sink any lower but lately every single topic is full of anti-Thai comments, no matter what the subject matter.


Oh I can concur, I read a lot, but there are also a disturbingly large amount of geriatric sycophants who spend most of their dissing any other farang who hasn't been there longer than them.

As for the mods, a shower of *** if there ever was.

They are extremely selective in what news is allowed, and what's NOT in their best interests to keep it in the forum's eyes, such as the Koh Tao threads.

It seems to be the mods who are the worst for the Thai hating, but then again, the hi so wannabe sycophantic farangs who look down their noses at the poor and illiterate who have more of a say, even if they can't read or write is what gets on my goat.


This is the sort of thing that annoys me about that forum, the fact that they allow comments like this to remain posted -

"thailand is finnished..i dont care what the brain dead rose tint wearers say, this shows a huge problem with THAIS and their society ...land of smiles anyone dont you just love the gentle orange robe wearing culture bah.gif"

Posted Today, 19-4-2016, 10:24am by terryp on a topic about a 17 yo Thai guy who was killed by a gang of scumbags.


This is despite there being a forum rule, #11, which states ~

" You will not post slurs, degrading or overly negative comments directed towards Thailand, specific locations, Thai institutions such as the judicial or law enforcement system, Thai culture, Thai people or any other group on the basis of race, nationality, religion, gender or sexual orientation." Imagine what they would be saying if this rule did not exist ? lol

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