Suspended for describing the govt as a military dictatorship, but that's just what it is. Thai visa is run by idiots, for money and not for the members.

Members are there to keep posting dross and be treated like dirt.

The mad mods regularly delete perfectly acceptable posts, one or two mods like Rimmer and Metisdead are clearly ruining the forum.

It is good for visa and health advice, but if you want to express an opinion forget it. Anything remotely negative about the third world dump called Thailand is not allowed any longer, they just want the fantasy version of reality.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Thai Visa Cons: Mods, Moderation.

Location: Bangkok, Krung Thep

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The mod rimmer continues to delete perfectly acceptable posts that often add to the fun banter. The guy is clearly very old and has a personal moderation agenda that often destroys a discussion. He should hand in his badge and give someone with a few more active cells a chance


Yep, suspended myself for speculating on the royal family when I did no such thing. Can't even contact the 'moderator' concerned directly to object, which is simply contemptible yet well in keeping with what Thaivisa has become.


Yep - done it again myself. Spending a few hours debating issues today (wet Sunday) I did 'flame' one poster and put them in their place, but he/she did give it to me first.

What I notice is that 'it' is an 'advanced member' with 10,000+ posts. I guess it complained to one of their moderator mates - and I note that it is still posting while I am banned. Clearly the TV mods are both unfair and biased - far worse than what I said is still on the topics posts - including the *** who flamed me.

Lesson learned - dont argue/insult long term members. As the saying goes: there is one thing worse than telling an *** that they are ***, and that is proving it !!


I was recently banned again and not sure why? My screen name still appears on the roster.


How many banned members still appear as members. Thousands I suppose.

Sad, the new owners got ripped off by George and company.


As you describe Thailand as a "third world dump" I can only assume you are one of the many retarded *** who post such garbage on internet forums to somehow get your jollies.

Used to feel sorry for pathetic trolls like you, nowdays I would like to see you all stacked ten feet high on a garbage dump.

Hope you don't live in Thailand as your type will only lower the average IQ of foreigners living in that wonderful country.


Almost all the ThaiVisa Mods support the military dictatorship of Thailand that was instigated behind the scenes by the monarchy. The Thai military have succeeded or failed in 19 coups since 1932, and all but a a few coups since 1950 by the Army are at the instigation of the monarchy.

The Royal Thai military are fascist and the monarchy is a conscious dualism of feudalism and modern fascism.

The Thai monarchy and military love their dictatorship so much they have become famous pals to the Dictators in Beijing (who themselves are defining 21st century fascism). It are the monarchy-military-feudal elites of Bangkok in their primitive wealth and power that rule the Kingdom of Thailand.

ThaiVisa Mods support this and they are enthusiastic advocates of it.

All posters who are in agreement are welcome, protected, promoted by the Mods. It's a chummy club of them all over there.


Thailand is upscale feudalism.


The forum itself is a good concept, been a good source of info for many people over the years.

What went wrong was they got greedy and turned it into a mad money making machine, a click-farm, which is why that grubby little man Webfact keeps posting anything that will generate arguments and contradiction, to create clicks.

The forum is laced with anything anti-Thai which the *** trolls love, and anything to do with the government which gets the red and yellow shirt supporters fighting.

The shite-eating mods are the worst thing about the forum but the owners are to blame as well for allowing the standards to sink as low as they have. Sack the mod team and start again. Good luck.


Suspended again? What did you get suspended for the first time?


Well, no need to respond to the question. It's the same old same old really.

Look mate, TVF didn't dream up the ban on the term Dictator. The PM did. Same thing with grassing up the royal family.

You actually think Mods enjoy having to enforce such silly, childish rules?

I would bet 10 Baht they hate it, and roll their eyes at the next ludicrous prohibition coming out of government house. Wishing Thaksin happy b-day. The color red. Female tourists wearing bikinis on the beach.

Can't talk about this. Can't use this or that word else I'll have a temper tantrum. What's next? Who bloody well knows with this lot.

I realize you are a selfish, self-absorbed turd but for one second, put yourself in the shoes of a mod, dealing with knot heads like yourself day in, day out. Especially knot heads who don't learn the first time, and come back and do the same nonsense again, on purpose. You are like some millennial, top knot hipster rocket surgeon who doesn't like a political candidate or some government policy, and so they throws rocks at police.

Get some perspective, man. Let go of your misplaced anger, smoke a joint and chill the F out!


spoken like a true Shill, and Thai visa mod.

Too right they, the mods, enjoy banning people, it justifies their miserable existence, all too often they shut down threads on Koh Tao, and suspended many people who were anti RTP, whilst allowing those who spoke highly of the "100% bona fide" investigation became omnipresent in such threads, often "reporting back"to their beloved mods such as Scott, and Metisdead, and as predictable as their presence here also, they dished out bans and suspensions, and even when there was no proper reason, "Christine"would also prove she was very much a "party line "administrator too.

The fact you keep trolling here says more about you being a self absorbed turd than any other posters..


Again, I'm not a shill for TV but it's predictable and cringe worthy that you fabricate that unoriginal assumption and apply it to anyone who provides a reasoned outlook. Cross word about the junta?

Must be a Thaksin loving red shirt. Smother the junta with kisses? Must be a yellow shirt. Call you a pedantic old fool unable to control yourself on TVF?

Yup, must be a Mod.

Look, I've been moderated before (never banned or suspended), pissed me off a couple times but hey, end of the day, I knew I was flaming, or acting up and that it would attract attention. I wanted to flame back at the Mod on a few occasions but hey, I'm a reasonable adult.

Water off a duck's back. You gotta keep it in perspective, mate.


"The TV Mods....OMG! They are EVERYWHERE!" Yep they are everywhere alright, and you would know.

The only wackers dopey enough to come to this site and attack posters who have an issue with that smelly cesspit are the mods themselves.

I enjoy reading their pitiful desperate attempts to salvage something out of their crumbling empire. I also enjoy the fact that we can flame those turds like Snott and Penishead as much as we like and they can't do a thing about it.


Spoken like a true TV mod, full of their own importance insulting people...back under rock Charlie or is that you Methhead ?


LOL, typical response from a TVF reject who can't handle the truth.


To the troll who wrote this "LOL, typical response from a TVF reject who can't handle the truth."

This site is for people who have gripes with companies etc. in this case Thai Visa, not for Thai Visa mods to use as a trolling ground.

Go back to your shitehole and attack the asswipes on your site and stop attacking people on here.

Hopefully the mods on this site will remove your *** comments.


Do you ever feel like someone is stalking you, even at the Tesco? I've heard TV Mods lurk there in the shadows with their keyboards.

Waiting. Watching. Ready to pounce on you in the canned corn aisle for even THINKING about the word "Dictator".

Spooky, ain't it?

I don't know how you can even use the internet anymore.

The TV Mods....OMG! They are EVERYWHERE!


I don't even read the complaints listed here anymore, I just laugh at the posts which are obviously made by Thai Visa mods.

They really are quite humorous, the way they try to not look like a mod. It's not working guys, you are only digging a deeper hole and making your forum look even worse than it already is, if that is possible.


Criticise Trump at the World News Forum or his supporter posters is to post at one's own TVF peril. Metisadufus is the worst one -- by far.

He's a former cop who wants to return to USA to shoot some unarmed black guys but he's too busy at ThaiVisa policing anyone who stands up to his hero Trump and the ThaiVisa TrumpFanBoyz.

Metisdufus suspended me personally for the 7th time since 2013 because I apparently insulted his lineage. No, not in that way, rather, I'd made my avatar an image drawing of Ma and Pa Kettle as the face of the rural supporters nationally of Donald Trump. That was probably enough, but I'd also revised by Member short line above the avatar to say "Anti-Fascist Poster." Well that with the Ma and Pa Kettle image did it for sure cause Metisadufus suspended me yet again, this time within 12 hours of my changing my prior long time avatar and stuff at it.

Metisadufus stated to me directly and explicitly in 2013 that he was going to keep on suspending me until he could throw me out forever. One hundred percent on the suspensions totaling almost 100 days now, but so far banning me is still hot air from over there.

I have few complaints about Scott, mainly because he is patient with posters, respectful, polite, reasonable, so that if he suspends a poster it's almost always earned.

Metisadufus is personal about it, and ideological too. Metisadufus is a part of the old crowd of nasty and personal right wing posters/mods who have absolutely no redeeming social or personal qualities.


I remember that Ma and Pa Kettle avatar. Also remember the person behind the avatar was a real ***

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