More intrusive clickbait, NO, I do not want to subscribe. Please remove this unwanted and unneeded intrusion. No doubt the mods will be telling me to check my ISP, do not worry mods, my ISP is just fine.

Location: Ban Khlong Ngae, Changwat Songkhla

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Dead forum


Gotta check it out thks for the tip !


Dead toxic forum frequented by simpletons


The ridiculous newsletter popup must be a indication that forums are coming to an end; no other reason why a site would annoy valuable first time visitors like this when there is so many ads in play. No webmaster in their right mind would place a repeat popup blocking layer on all site pages.


The site is high ranking. Report the it as instrusive at Google.


the site is operated by idiots who have no clue how to treat visitor best not post in this place if you want good advice === please sell site name to young smart guy with good ideas how to run web site in 2020 and throw out all old dead wood mod they can all join teak door and blow each other in old mans club time for site to have new idea from smart people

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