Just received a one month ban by the Queen of PC madness Scott on Thai Visa for posting that an Israeli soldier wrongly jailed should be given a medal instead. Apparently that was 'inflammatory' Good as I don't want to support that forum any longer as it's an intolerant liberal safe space for touchy gays, feminists and argumentative losers.

Scott is also hysterically anti Trump being a refugee himself and *** of course.

Moderators should be neutral and leave their own views out of it, Scott, Rimmer and Metisdead ruin the forum with constant deletions suspensions and banning to suit their own agendas. Also the amount of Ad make it a horrible viewing experience these days.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Thai Visa Pros: Areas covered, Health forum.

Thai Visa Cons: Moderation.

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Scott is a fake. His Thai boyfriend started a language school back in the days when farangs didnt need any quaifications.


You mean to tell me that witless {{redacted}} UN-reject Scott is still getting himself off moderbating there at ThaiVisa?? I’m amazed he can keep the keys from sticking...

What a pack of marxist pinhead {{redacted}}, leading the downward trek to the lowest common denominator. ...

where no one with a brain has gone before.... (And I guess that’s not likely to change.)


this review is right on! this clown scott is a left wing anti U.S.

liberal who on his own deletes and bans anyone who he disagrees with.

I have had disagreements with him for some time and he is to cowardly to respond to request for clarifications or rebuttals. he just hides behind his ,key board with the mistaken idea that he some how is important, don't need the forum or reply column, mostly just read it to see all the stupid comments.


He’s obviously a liberal coward hiding behind his keyboard. I got banned last year with their points totting up.

I complained to their customer service and no reply. I can’t beleive the Nation owns them as the moderators are just stupid bigots and ***


if you change an R to an H and add an l after the second m you get something interesting.




So Scott. Whatsamatter?

'Can't delete posts here? 'Can't ban people? 'Must be frustrating for you. What a shame.

Apparently no sympathy here for little Hitlers like you. I'll bet you've actually had "TVF Moderator" business cards made up for yourself. What, a ballcap and t-shirts, too?

Kind o' pathetic, but don't worry. Everybody has to be good at something, and as a loser, you ARE a standout!


By the way, if you get an e-mail from Linda. There is no Linda.

It is what they use to answer all e-mails because they are too chicken-*** to do it themselves. Also, they can claim no responsibility.


For all of you suggesting Scott hang himself due to his sexual proclivities and anti-social behaviour, I'm telling you right now that this type of posting must STOP!

He should instead set himself on fire or jump off a 30 story building.


Clearly, members of a *** forum don't take rejection well. Who knew? hahaha


Please stop all these references to gerbils. No more!

No more Gerbil jokes.

Which reminds me.

What did the brown gerbil say to the white gerbil? You must be new in town.


Guys, please tone down your criticism of Scott a few notches. He has been frantically complaining to us on a daily basis about his feelings being hurt reading the reviews on this site.

He is now threatening legal action as a couple of major sponsors are cancelling their advertizing contracts after learning about the fantasy forum membership numbers. He asks the words ***, snowflake and gerbil are not to be used in any forum reviews, and that the fake forum member numbers not be discussed in case even more sponsors pull out.

Thank you for your cooperation. Admin


A G a y Snowflake Gerbil called Scott minced into a bar.......


.... and met his poofy boyfriend, who hailed from afar,

Said poofter was called JT,

said poofer said "mais, oui"



A poofy little mod called Scotty,

one day had a tingle in his botty ............


Yes, you guys have it right. Scott is a little Hitler that can't accept Trump won. And yes he is destroying Thaivisa.


One thing I really don't understand is how Scott lives with himself. Is he so perverted, distorted, that he thinks it is OK to do what he does? Maybe it's just me, but I could not live with myself being and doing like him.


fully agree with the statement, whoever is in charge of thai visa should get rid of scott most ricky tick!


Do they really pop gerbils up their b@m? Sounds horrid no wonder they are angry


Yet another "consumer complaint" by some butthurt forum user desperate to get even. Yawn.

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