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This article highlights the danger of a ban on guns. Right minded Brits are not allowed to carry weapons to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their property. So there are thousands of guns. but only owned by criminals who do not care about legal ownership restrictions. So here we have some possible whacko shooting in central London and the natives scatter like ants. We used to be a proud peoples in the UK, we once conquered the world, educated it, installed our moral code and then returned the lands to the natives, and here we are running like headless chickens from an imaginary gunman. America take note.

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They’re turd brains liberal idiots scared to allow us to comment


Scott suspended me for not holding the same views as him. I appealed the suspension with admin and proved that his suspension and the reasons for it were wrong .

Admin basically agreed with me but then informed me that I was still suspended but for another reason that Scott gave for suspending me. With Thai Visa's admin closing ranks every time that you question one of their moderator's decision you are basically posting on a board being run by dictators. No freedom of speech and suspensions/bans for anyone who would dare to hold a different view from theirs.

I'm now thinking of joining the Big Mango Forum, a much smaller forum but the moderators seem to control the site very well without resorting to bullying. Besides, most of Thai Visa's best posters went over to the Big Mango Forum when they were banned by the over powering moderators, all Thai Visa have now is an empty shell of their original forum.


Please in future address your concerns to Linda.


She does not exist. Just another mod. I’m 100% sure of this.


I did but 'Linda' is not a real person but an account set up to deal with complaints and I suspect that the account is run by the same admin/moderators who hand out the suspensions/bans.


Linda is a sock puppet, you get warned and suspended by Metisdead and complain to Support and Metisdead probably replies.


Scott just gave me a suspension for a post I never even made, I will not bother acknowledging the warning and will not be posting any more


Thanks buddy, was posted to Jakarta five years ago, my old boss retired, so have been posted back to replace him, was looking forward to locking horns with my old mates, guesthouse, bendinx and tax exile.


Horrible place these days arrogant members asking for help and dont have the decency to say thanks and idiots looking for maximum likes. Thailand is down the toilet Thaivisa is not far behind with a few members hanging on living in denial


Logged in today for the first time in years, wow, where has it all gone wrong, digging up posts from fifteen years ago in an effort to generate traffic, thanks for the trip down memory lane chaps, wonder what happened to all the old usernames, not posting anymore?


I also logged in recently after not visiting for some time to look up some visa info. The helpful ubon Joe is still there but he now has an annoying post parrot called elviajero who keeps repeating ubon Joes info.


All of the old usernames either got banned for having a sense of humour or just got fed up with their views being deleted. They all post on the Big Mango Forum now and without the overbearing Thai Visa moderators the site is a great success.


The Big Mango is a cesspit of bitter and twisted old redneck a/h's who were banned from TVF for trolling.

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