On the face of it TVF sounds like a very helpful place, and it certainly can me. However, it's ruined by one cretinous mod who posts under the nic 'Metisdead'.

Poor old Metisdead is clearly quite lonely as he has devoted his entire life to policing the forum. He frequently deletes posts and members that he disagrees with. The man also has little sense of humor.

His boozy made Fabricus is also best avoided. The place is not was it was and is best avoided.

Reason of review: Metisdead.

Location: Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi

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THis metisdead moderator is a *** lets try to all petition the thai government to close down this site.


He does nothing but spoil threads a vindictive malicious person, sadly protected by thaivisa


Metisdead appears to be a right-winger who is easily offended by liberal comments which don't praise Trump. He is also a coward, because when he bans someone, that banned person cannot respond to Metisdead. The banned person's only recourse is to email support at ThaiVisa, which has zero effect, because the woman at 'support' blindly support Metisdead (and all T.Visa controllers) 100% of the time.


Metisdead is the ultimate Anti-moderator. I like to annoy him.

He bans me.

I sign up with other account. Nonstop


Fabricus launched personal attacks on several members without a flicker from the mods. He is also holder of many aliases too like Yeahsiam, Kurt Ramsbottom etc.

Methead is the personification of why the forum has slid so far from the useful fun place it was in the early to mid 2000s. It began with Cdnvic's hugely over zealous moderation of the forum then seemed to gather momentum with the members unable to so much as debate a point without getting agro.



I remember that paedophile *** Cdnvic when he was in full stormtrooper mode.

I bet he would stomp around his Isaan shack (if he's ever even been to Thailand, that is) in his thigh high leather boots before beating up his ladyboy.

I once offered for him to meet up with me and adress me face to face in such a nasty, patronising way.

Needless to say the gutless coward didn't reply but remained hiding behind his keyboard, cowering in fear no doubt. He is still a total cowardly *** on the rare occasions he pops up these days.


I too remember those handles and how they were protected by the Methfaggot who was probably bumming all of them (or the bummee?)

....and that hapless *** jockey Soi Biker too who got more protection than the endangered Tiger by hitting 'report' every time someone had a pop at him and his 'Digital Nomad' 'mates' and their Walter Mittee fantasy world, to the extent the word 'lycra' was banned on TVF (I'm not joking).

If the mods did nothing (probably too busy being savagely dry-bummed by JingThing) then all the usual 'names' would roll out hurling savage personal abuse at their opponents until the mods stopped their {{Redacted}} for a while, then the thread would 'vanish' as would their opponents....not a way to run a forum....


Wow. So much homophobia, so much hate. Found this because i was pissed off at metisdead for being an *** then reading your comment found out he cant be all bad banning the likes of you.He is still a humourless *** but it would seem one that is right some of the time


Many TVF posters are expats who self-exiled from their own respective English speaking country who are precisely at home under a fascist military regime which is their wet dream of a lifetime. A fascist military supporting the feudal monarchy is frosting on the cake to the English speaking expats.

The USA expats hate Obama and all minorities to include the Thais of Thailand; the Oz expats hate Australia, the British expats love the UKIP fascist descendants of the WW II era fascist Oswald Moseley who spend all of WWII in a UK prison for his Nazi allegiances. Welcome to TVF.



He's from down under and is a lifelong hater of Americans. From his mod position at a Thailand forum he gets to realise his wet dreams about screwing Americans. Metisadeadhead is a predator in a warden's position.

@Josaiah Ieu

He's from the US, from Denver and a Bronco's fan.


Khun Metisdead is only one of the many problems associated with that terrible forum.

I think the biggest issues are the number of trolls allowed to run amok and get away with it, the nasty anti Thai comments that are made, and the paid to post members who obviously are only there to criticize the junta and defend the Shinawatra family.

The worst one for this is tbthailand who only ever posts on topics that are political, I have never seen him comment on any other subject.

You cannot tell me the mods don't know what is going on which tells me they are allowing these comments to attract clicks.

Trolling, anti junta and anti Thai comments and paid to post comments are ALL AGAINST FORUM RULES ! yet they are tolerated.


I wouldn't call him 'khun' as that title signifies someone worthy of respect.....

It's a shame they're so hot on anyone not in the TV party line but protect their pikey *** chums as they click away with their multiple handles, huddled around a wek WiFi signal in their Soi Ladyboy S p u n k grindhouses.


you left the 't' off the end of 'khun'


Thaivisa is a toxic website /forum, full of alcoholic old expat men who hate Thailand and its people, the less said about the moderation the better, but it seems they share a single brain cell between them...i joined for a short while and was shocked at some of the comments about the Thai nation and people


Totally agree.


more shocked by the way some moderators treat their own people !!

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