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Just been suspended by moderator CharlieH for posting an "unwanted emoticon" on one of his posts. I suggest you avoid this forum as the moderators are obviously very thin-skinned and take any perceived dissent personally.

Suspending members for putting an emoticon on a post? Sunk to a new all time low.

The levels of immaturity, intolerance and ignorance from the mods on that dying forum are really not conducive to its enjoyment, quality and hardcore membership.

I won't be contributing further to the forum as my expertise is wasted there.

Shame really as it used to be a good place to find information and exchange views. Ruined now by over-zealous mods that are probably bitter expats stuck on ever-decreasing meagre pensions in a land they barely understand and spend all day venting their frustrations on posters.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Forum.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Thai Visa Pros: Some of the members, Visa advice, Other members who want to have honest discussions and debate.

Thai Visa Cons: Moderation, Getting banned, Charlieh.

Location: Bangkok, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon

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I agree fully. Charlie H is an idiot.

He also removed a post from me, because the post where I responded to was slightly modified. I asked hm to close my account, and emove all my previous placed contents.

Ofcourse he direct closed my account, but did not want to remove my contents, as acoording to him "it belonged to Thaivisa.com" Then I send an email to support@***.com, and requested to have all my previous posts removed, based on the law described here: https://gdpr-info.eu/art-17-gdpr/ They agreed, and within 30 days all my posts will be removed. I never met such an idiot as Charlie H is......


I got suspended by CharlieH for politely questioning why he removed a non offensive post. I understand that you cannot question the moderators action on the board but I asked him by private mail.

Tried to appeal but it was a whitewash, TVF admin NEVER disagree with a moderators decision.

BTW, my orogonal post was deleted because CharlieH did not agree with my view which I expressed in the post. Told admin to delete my account, I do not want to post on there anymore.


Charlie H has a serious humour problem and police's his threads like a Thai general taking down his deemed troll and nonsense posts like a rabid dog bet he is real fun not...


lol CharlieH banned me for telling him to have a nice day after he removed my comment in error. He claimed I was abusing him.

The mods have turned Thaivisa into complete trash. I certainly won't miss the place.


Clearly like so many of Thaivisa mods a guy rather short on intellect and high on self esteem.


I agree there are one or two moderators who are running their own agenda's and are hugely damaging for the site but it has to be said that the majority do a good job or better. Moderation is a *** job and I'm not sure why anyone would want to do it in the first place but I reckon many of the moderators at Thaivisa are good at keeping balance between the needs of the site and the wants of posters.


Sorry the website is a far right organ for the most part and the mods are hy and large mental midgets.....probably retired traffic wardens


Charlie is a complete idiot. I feel sorry for you guys that have really invested time in the forum - it really is a waste of space.


This same guy did the exact same thing to me recently. I considered deleting the hundreds of photos I've uploaded to the forum in response so this but I couldn't be bothered. I have done this in the past and if they ever pull any kind of *** like this on me in the future I will invoke my GDPR right to remove all my content which will turn 100's of conversations / 1000's of quoted replies into nonsense.


Have at it mon amigo, please do.


CharlieH LOL silly old ***


Metisdead is a clown as well. Waste of time posting there nowadays.




They’re real snowflakes Scott is bad the other mods seem ok? He just suspended me for criticising a really abusive post by a guy called Jimg Thing who posts abhorant duff about violence and unnatural acts.


They are the same person. It happens so much all you have to do is read more of this pissed consumer.

Jingthing is a complete loser and is also Scott.

There is no balance on TVF. Why not have different opinions but stupid people can’t handle it.

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